49ers Can't Get the Job Done AGAIN

After backing their way into the Super Bowl with luck imbued wins over the Packers and Lions, the 49ers luck ran out in Las Vegas against a Kansas City Chiefs team that wasn’t all that impressive.

Football fans across the country are left to wonder what might have been if the Lions had not had a short series of unfortunate events that let the 49ers off the hook. Many will wonder whether the Dan Campbell led Lions would be kissing the Lombardi right now.

For 49ers fans, doubt has to be creeping in as to whether this team and Head Coach have what it takes to win the big game. This is the second Super Bowl loss for the 49ers under Kyle Shanahan, who also holds the dubious distinction of being the only individual involved in two Super Bowl overtime losses, the first being as offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons in their total collapse against the New England Patriots.

The 49ers have lots of questions to answer this offseason. Can Shanahan get the job done? Is Brock Purdy the QB to get them there? Will 49ers free agents possibly be looking towards Motown in pursuit of a Super Bowl ring after being on a bridesmaid team for so long? :thinking:

Unfortunately, no one remembers the Super Bowl loser. The only thing that will be remembered is Taylor Swift celebrating the Super Bowl with her boyfriend while the 49ers are left to contemplate what may have been their last opportunity to bring home the hardware with their current team. It’s hard to envision the 49ers getting this lucky again in the immediate future, especially on the heels of yet another loss in the only game that counts, still they should be able to muster a playoff caliber team next year, despite Shanahan’s predictable formulaic approach.

The 49ers, and their fans, go into the long dark night of the offseason with the unsettling feeling that they may have watched the last Super Bowl opportunity for quite some time, and that once again, it came up short of expectations. Goodnight sweet prince.

Hey there Brock Purdy, you just entered Rex Grossman legend status. Yeah, that’s right, legend status.

Next year’s OT will be Christen and Taylor mudwrestling

Like the pro bowl linebacker losing an Achilles going into the field.

If Dan leads Lions to this much success but only loses super bowls to tom
Brady and Mahomes

Do you fire him ? Question him ? Lay in the doubts of Lions failures or think to build on the success?

It was hard not to envision the game ending the way it did
Even before it was played

I’d say niners and chiefs are still in the tier of where the Lions want to be and stay

How many seasons do you give McDermott with the Bills
Or Sean Peyton with Denver ?
Those teams still need to get through Mahomes and may never do it

Man, I don’t think anyone watching didn’t feel for Greenlaw right there. He’ll be gone next year recovering and was already listed as a potential cap casualty with his contract number. That was unbelievable bad luck. Great competitor, you just hate to see that.

I think Shanahan’s track record of failing when the chips are all in is going to be a lingering question. That’s for ownership to decide, ultimately, but the question is already out there.

McDermott, the other also-rans, their days are numbered too if they can’t get it done. Marty Schottenheimer can attest that ownership likes Lombardi trophies, not pretty records.

I would say that you are, perhaps, not really feeling where this team is at. Top Tier? Lions are already there. Right now. Present time. We’re no longer building for some future on the horizon, the horizon is here. This season was the coming out party, sure, but they’re here to stay. That people are failing to recognize this is a function of conditioned expectations, but the Lions are in that tier whether fans want to believe it or not.

No I agree. I think lions are legit in that tier and they’re young. They need to maintain it and get better in joining the proven tier the chiefs and niners have shown to be over a few seasons.

At the start of this season
If one predicted niners vs chiefs
With Chiefs pulling it off in the final moments because of Mahomes

People wouldn’t have said that’s crazy talk.

If lions lost to chiefs in Super Bowl because Dan goes for it on a 4th over
It still might’ve been his best option

I’m glad lions kept the staff mostly together and added to it.
I thought they were a good team all year. Carried by scoring offense yet defense could do enough situationally to complement offense.

I think defense will get better perhaps see a significant boost.

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Super Bowl hangover in SF next year. Philly looked like hot garbage all year this season, they might be better with better coaches, but I don’t think they can stop the Lions momentum.

With a good offseason the Lions should be the NFC favorites going into next season. Pretty sure that would be a first lol.

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Yes, it will be yet another first for this team.

During exit interviews, Campbell told his team that he didn’t care what it takes, next year the Lions will be in the Super Bowl. I think that fans will be smart to listen and uphold that as a new level of expectation. The bar has been set right where it should be.


ah both teams were crapping the bed until the 4th quarter -punt, KO , punt , KO, punt…is was SO boring…Usher did good , but KC just had a tiny bit more luck in OT, that is all.


They’re the modern day Buffalo Bills imo.


Campbell should be saying the Lions are winning the SuperBowl. Big difference imo


I agree, Kansas City didn’t impress me one bit last night, they looked like a very beatable team. Neither team looked like they could find the accelerator until the Chiefs final drive in OT. Neither one really displayed a sense of urgency, although I will give props to KC’s defensive line for achievement beyond expectations.

They’re the modern day Buffalo Bills imo.

I do believe that is going to be the legacy of this 49ers squad. That punt hitting the back of that guys shin is going to be the 49ers equivalent of Scott Norwood wide right.

Is this a bad thing ?
Do you think lions fans could handle that type of success without winning ?
How would you handle it ?

Niners lost to Mahomes in two super bowls … so far there may actually be no shame in that.

“I agree, Kansas City didn’t impress me one bit last night, they looked like a very beatable team”

To me , this is just the nfl and teams having to play the game in front of them. Most of them are close. Some sloppy others crisp. It’s just how the cookie crumbles.

For the most part
To expect the same game vs lions

I still feel it’s highly likely that lions would lose as Mahomes connects in OT.

Chiefs may have seemed like they had holes but that was only when WRs were dropping the ball, but KC was winning. The defense was legit.

I just think that’s like todays NFL
With a one and done playoff format

I loved the games but I had an odd thought that I might prefer regular season more because it continues.
Whereas playoffs , it ends and there can be a feeling like it wasn’t supposed to
But that’s football.

Tough to be the Bills or Niners losing those

But shoot we’ve had it tough being the Lions fans and just losing.

If we get this iteration of Lions competency and winning for awhile
I’ll hope they can win it all

But if they go up against prime Mahomes in a game like this
It’ll be hard to bet against him ( I don’t bet on nfl lol) season opener was cool but that’s almost like extended preseason.

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The Chiefs have to have the worst set of WRs in the NFL. I can’t imagine a worse group. It reminds me when Bill Schroeder was our top guy.

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That’s a good one but Theilen still had 1000 yards with a very struggling Bryce Young playing behind a poor o-line. This team has Patrick Mahomes.

I’d take Rice over Thielen. MVS is okay but flawed. KC’s group is terrible but they do have a TE that mitigates it.

I’m pretty surprised they that Skyy Moore has been so awful. Back to back years in which Steve Smith’s pound the table WR prospect flopped (Moore and then Mingo).

Rice because of age, but I’d still give the nod to Thielen for now. I watched a few of his games and he still has some game. He was the most impressive guy on that offense, which isn’t saying much. MVS should be cut today.

And our primary competitors may not be the same. I think SF is a wild card with LA coming out of that division. I can see another Stafford hissy fit at FF for the NFC championship. GB may also be a problem if Love duplicates his 2023 second half.

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Niners open as favorites to win next year’s Super Bowl.

Then Kansas City.

Then Baltimore.

Then Buffalo.

Then Detroit.

Peeps still don’t believe.