49ers trade for Emmanuel Sanders

49ers acquired WR Emmanuel Sanders from the Broncos in exchange for third- and fourth-round draft picks.

The Broncos are also sending a fifth-round pick the 49ers’ way. Truly receiver desperate, the 49ers haven’t been able to settle on a receiver rotation all season. Although it’s a role 32-year-old Sanders is probably miscast for at this point in his career, they now have their No. 1. Still providing WR3 relevance in Denver despite Joe Flacco’s unsurprising awfulness, Sanders will have a chance to push for WR2 value in San Francisco, though the 49ers’ offense will remain run heavy to the extreme. 2019 is the final year of Sanders’ contract.

Wow, I get they have a need and think they can go all the way, but that’s a high price for ES at 32 on what is probably a 10 game rental basis. I suppose they could resign him fairly cheap if he plays very well. But that seems a bit steep.

I like the aggression. They see an opportunity to push for a championship, and decided that their time is now. Sanders will just be happy not having to watch Flacco lob wounded ducks out of bounds anymore.

Well, that’s the end of Flacco. Bring in the next John Elway # 23 from the upcoming draft.

Not really because SF’s 4th rounder won’t be far from Denver’s 5th rounder. They are moving back maybe 10-12 spots is all. The value difference is small at that point.

They’re basically getting Sanders for a late 3rd rounder. They are paying close to the same price that Philly paid for Tate last year.