4th Down Yellowish Zone

Good info, the numbers always tell a story.

Fox was overlooked.

That cat didn’t kick because he was behind an awesome kicker. He was still practicing and kicking.

My bar isn’t as high as Prater, it is having someone better than the last two years which may, just possibly, mean Bates.

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Is his launch angle high enough to pass beyond the reach of NFL- caliber high jumpers?

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All these numbers are great but it really means very little on the field on Sundays. Statistics have really destroyed sports as they are being followed by many across all pro sports.

These numbers are just that…numbers on paper. They don’t take into account anything that’s happening on the field during a game. Things like game flow, consequences of playing the chiefs vs the panthers, what 3 points means at this juncture of the game, etc…and the list goes on and on.

It all sounds good but it’s really dumb to blindly follow statistics to make in game decisions. This isn’t 162 game baseball schedule where you can more so follow statistics due to 1 loss/decision not meaning much. This is the NFL where 1 extra loss can cost you a season. Sample size is the biggest factor when using statistics as accurate data. It shouldn’t apply to the NFL because these decisions are monumental in the moment. A 54% chance of getting a 4th down conversion means what exactly? Nothing…because nothing is being taken into account but numbers on paper…

There’s a 78% chance that everything you just posted is based on emotion and not fact.

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Here is the beauty of going after Bates. No one is going to pick up Badgley. Also I am not sure there is a massive difference between Badgley and some of the other WW kickers. You can just resign him back if Bates sucks.


Bates is good. Our staff can develop talent and the type of coaching we bring is different. The type of coaching we bring is exactly perfect for the mental side of things, which is what a kicker needs. The talent is clearly there. Sign this guy up and let’s get to work. Foxy-boy will teach him a TON!

let me get is straight. Arkansas College dumped Bates, and Texas was done with him fast as hell, Bates was not kicking Fg’s…yet we want him as our kicker in the NFL ???

Let me help you out, because you still seemed confused about his path.

He played Soccer his Freshman and Sophomore year at Arkansas State. Not football. He wanted to pursue football, so he left.

Texas State (not Texas), was the only college (according to him) that offered him a kicking spot and that was as a KOS only since he had no FG kicking experience. He took what he could get.

He then wanted a FG kicking job and decided to transfer after his one season at Texas State and got an offer at Mississippi State to do so, but instead opted to go to Arkansas because he was thinking about life after sports (if football didn’t work out) and would have much rather had Arkansas be his Alma Mater than Mississippi State. He went to Arkansas despite knowing they had an excellent FG kicker in place (Cam Little, who was just one of only 3 kickers drafted this year and the youngest kicker drafted of all time). During his one year at Arkansas as a KOS he was a 1st-Team All-SEC KOS.

If by ‘Texas’, you mean the Houston Texans, they did bring him into camp. But they already had Fairbairn on the roster, who went 9-10 from 40-49 and 6-6 from 50+ the season prior. It’s not like it would’ve been easy for an unproved guy like Bates to have a legit shot at knocking a guy like that off the roster. We all know how camp bodies are churned during camp.

This doesn’t necessarily mean much. He wasn’t kicking in games, but I’m sure he was getting pointers and coaching along the way. He even credits his short time with the Texans as one of the reasons he’s been successful in the UFL.

The Cowboys signed the best kicker from USFL last year who was a professional soccer player and had never kicked FGs before going to the USFL and he was a 1st-Team All-Pro in his first season in the NFL. Jake Bates is on another level in the UFL. He’s getting MVP talk as a KICKER behind two QBs - let’s not act like he isn’t talented because he never kicked FGs in HS or college. He’s kicking FGs now and he’s damn good at it, apparently. Sometimes you just gotta get a real chance.


yeah Texas State…