5 candidates for game ball vs Giants

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For me: Hutch and McNeil.


Mac with Williams a close second. Hutchinson 3rd.

Yeah it’s McNiel he earned this one. Hutch was and is great also. But McNiel gets this one today

Alim for my $. Great DT play makes everybody around them better and Alim was great today.


Agree on Alim. It was an elite effort on the D-Line and Barkley.

McNeill for sure. Offense Williams

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Football Yes GIF by Detroit Lions

I’ve been on record saying Alim need to drop 30 pounds to rush the passer, but holy shit he was the best player on the field today at 350 pounds… shows I know nothing Jon Snow!


For me, the answer is, “yes”.
This was a team win.

Agree McNeill on D and JWill on O. Hutch gets honorable mention


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