5 Moments that Defined Calvin Johnson's Hall of Fame Career


Shutting up Dez Bryant was my favorite.

Instead of the contract, I would have included his 12 catch 211 yards 2 TD performance against the Saints in the 2011 playoff game.

I was at a bar full of Cowgirl fans for that game (and I mean full). The shit I got thrown my way in the first half made the second half and the eventual fight to get out of that place alive all the more enjoyable. Definitely the day that solidified CJ as one of my all time favorites.


The first half ended 10-7. Doesn’t seem like much for Cowgirls fans to crow about.

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Maybe I am thinking of a different Cowboys-Lions game where CJ blew up. I recall us being down heavy and then Stafford and CJ hooking up on bomb after bomb to win it in the last seconds. And for the record, 10-7 is PLENTY for Cowgirl fans to start squawkin.

You are correct. The game I was thinking about was the comeback in 2011…

This week, the Lions rallied from a 27-3 hole in Dallas to beat the Cowboys, 34-30. The win gave the Lions their eighth straight win dating back to last season and their first 4-0 start in 31 years.

Looking back at it, he only (only haha) had 96 yards with two touchdowns. I guess the 27-3 hole had me drinking a lot more than I remember.

First, I thought we were down big in the 1st half of the 2013 game. I just looked it up and Freebird is right, it was only 10-7. It felt alot worse at the time I guess. For that game I was in a bar full of Cowboys HATERS (different teams, all haters). So my experience being the only Lions fan amongst a sea of temp Lions fans was an interesting experience. I’m guessing the fact that the Cowboys were in control of most of the game until the closing minutes makes me think we were down bigger than we were? In the 2011 game the Cowboys were up 20-3 at halftime and 27-3 in the 3rd quarter. I remember that one because we needed alot of good bounces to go our way.

As a side note Calvin did an interview the other day where he said his best memory was the Monday Night game against Chicago and how we got to 5-0 and the house was rocking. I remember it was Jaded and a couple other guys who attend the games that let us know how deafening it was in there, and that the TV audio actually tamps down the audio a bit relative to what’s going on in the stadium. I’m guessing its so we can hear the commentators more clearly. So when something sounds really loud on TV, its crazy loud in reality.

I’ve wondered about that. I’ve been to games at every stadium here in California, and it gets pretty damn loud… I can only imagine a dome full of maniac Lion’s fans staring at 5-0 for the first time in many of their lives.

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During that season it was deafening in FF. Was awesome

In that game, former Cowboys LB Bobby Carpenter had a key pick six off of Romo, which fueled the comeback, and reduced the Dallas lead down to 27-10. Then, on the very next drive, Romo throws another pick six to Houston and it’s 27-17. That had to take a lot of wind out of the Cowboys fans sails.

After Dallas had a drive down to the Lions 5, the defense held and Bailey kicked a 23 yard FG for a 30-17 lead.

At the end of the 3d qtr and beginning of the 4th, Stafford led the Lions on a remarkable 5 play drive that featured a 22 yard completion to Pettigrew, 13 and 19 yard completions to Titus Young, and a 23 yard TD catch by Calvin. 30-24.

After squeezing in a 51 yard FG by Jason Hanson, with 4:22 on the clock, the Cowboys coaches decide to continue having Romo throw the ball. Bad idea. Tulloch picks him off at the Dallas 40 leading to another TD drive ending with Calvin TD catch.

That pass from stafford to Chris Durham is still one of the prettiest passes I’ve ever seen. The following one to Calvin was good too.

On a side note: did anyone else notice throughout Calvin Johnson’s career how many times he got tackled at the 1 yard line? I wish I could go back and get the real number but it seemed like over a dozen.

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Me too. That’s my favorite Matt Stafford pass.

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I’m torn on that one and the side arm throw on the run to riddick to beat the Dolphins.

The way I look at it is this. If you give other QBs 5 throws in practice under identical circumstances to make the exact same throw…the results will be vastly different. On the Dolphins throw if you remove the elements of reading the defense and making that decision and just allow another QB to just go out and make the throw knowing he is going to side arm it…alot of them will hit a few of them.

The Durham Cowboy throw is different. Most QBs are literally not even capable of making that throw no matter how many tries you give them. You could literally make it a carnival game for NFL QBs and know you are going to walk away a winner vs nearly every NFL QB who steps up and attempts that throw.


Here are both: