5 NFL games set for five different days Christmas Week


ouch - gonna miss a lot of football this way.


5 NFL games five different days and then right into the college playoffs featuring 12 teams.

Wednesday football is pretty rough if you gotta play the Sunday prior. 2 days off between nfl games is terrific for player safety :wink:

Hopefully they get creative and avoid that



But they banned tackling! They’ll be fine, think of the money.


Wednesdays have been designated tag football Wednesday in the NFL.


I am guessing using the bye?

They’ve done it before during COVID.

I love watching NFL football but that schedule is asinine.


NBA has to love it, it used to be their Holiday for games. NFL games will destroy any NBA game.


The NFL said that the 4 team playing Christmas day will play on the Saturday before, making it the same as Sunday to Thursday


Good to hear. Even 3 days rest is not enough between games but 2 would be insane

Would have to be like teams off a bye or playing the Thursday before or something at worst the Saturday before

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It’s like Christmas in December… :wink:

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What I thought would happen.
At that point in the Season you have thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday games so they can stagger it to a degree for the one Wednesday game.

Are byes still a thing the last week of Dec?

To me it’s so stupid and unsafe to do this…lord :person_facepalming:

No byes in NFL week 15-18

THU 12/19 - 1 NFL game (TNF)
FRI12/20 - 2 CFP 1st Round
SAT 12/21 - 2 CFP 1st Round // 2 NFL Games
SUN 12/22 - 11 NFL Games + 1 SNF
MON 12/23 - 1 NFL Game (MNF)
TUE 12/24 - N/A
WEN 12/25 - 2 NFL Games
THU 12/26 - 1 NFL Game (TNF)
FRI 12/27 - N/A
SAT 12/28 - 3 NFL Games
SUN 12/29 - 8 NFL Games + 1 SNF
MON 12/30 - 1 NFL Game + 1 MNF
TUE 12/31 - 1 CFP
WEN 1/1 - 3 CFP
THU 1/2 - 1 NFL (TNF)
FRI 1/3 - N/A
SAT 1/4 - 3 NFL
SUN 1/5 - 10 NFL + 1 SNF
MON 1/6 - 1 MNF

So from 12/19 to 1/6! Theres only 3 Days with no high level football!

Well lets be honest there is much about football that is stupid and unsafe before even getting into days off between games. However, due to the money for the owners and the players all sides carry on.