5 Players Who Must Step Up at Lions Training Camp

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1 DE - Cominsky - ABSOLUTELY! Dude did great in 2022. But fell off bad in 2023. Idk what went wrong. He needs to get back to that form.

2 TE - Mitchell - Not as big of a need being TE3, but it would be nice to see him take a set forward this year like we saw Iffy and Barns last year.

The next 3 are prime cut candidates especially if others in the room step up.

3 WR - Green - Would be nice to see him step up however im more than ok with these 6.
ARSB, Jamo, DPJ, Raymond, T Smith, I Williams

4 G - Awosika - hes a good depth piece however unless they keep 10 OL i cant see him making it. But would love to keep him on the PS to elevate when needed

5 CB - Vildor - LOL. Would be nice to keep on the PS for injury. But reports are Moseley is good to go. So thats
Moseley, Davis, Arnold, Robertson, Rakestraw, Dorsey, Branch, Iffy, Kerby, Moore.
Thats 10 DBs. I cant see them keeping 11.

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I predict that Green is the key guy they want/need. I heard he looked great in the off season; the question is whether he can excel in a game. I think he is the guy that they expect to get Renoylds’ snaps.


Before looking at the list, I tried to predict their five. Mine were as follows, in no particular order::

  1. Levi
  2. Houston
  3. Campbell
  4. Jamo
  5. Arnold

I know they said training camp and maybe mine is geared more toward the regular season.

Yeah he had a few more sacks in 2022 but he is a run stuffing big end. He did his job very well in setting the edge in 2023. Maybe you didn’t notice our great run defense last year? Maybe you think getting sacks is the only job of DEs?

We stopped the run last year. Period. Yes we needed more pass rush. But to say Cominski played poorly is ignorant.


I don’t think anyone said he played poorly in 2023 but rather he did not seem to make the same number of impact plays that he did in 2022.


Oh absolutely run defense has been killer and i love that aspect.
And im not talking sacks at all.
Im talking pressures.

He had a 3.06% pressure rate in 2022. (Now that includes running plays because i cant find the breakdown)
But only a 2.11% in 2023.

So he definitely was less effective on pass rush.
But yes run stuffing was great.
But if teams know hey this guy cant pass rush.
A good qb will audible into a pass play

Again not saying comisnky was bad in 2022. Just not great. Good rotational player. Vs 2023 he was a good enough to be the starter

He definitely helped impact the run defense massively. Our run defense kicked ass partly because of him.

Yes he could have made more plays in the pass rush game. But he is a big end and great at setting the edge. Also, He is still a developing player in this league in my opinion. He can still improve. Having a secondary will help the line too. I think Atlanta gave up on him too soon. We were the team that got him on wavers out of 12 claims. I think he is an awesome run stuffing rotational piece. But he was never going to be a 10 sack guy. He is glue depth in a perfect scenario.


Or maybe being ignorant, is not noticing the big drop off in his pass rush witch was much needed, it’s great we stopped the run, that has always been part of the plan. Yes we stop the run well and Comish may have been part of that. But his pass rush was not existent period and took a big step back from them year before. Double period.
The koolaid eyes.
man prevails GIF

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Yeah, their focus was on: “Once camp begins, it will be a pivotal stretch for several players looking to earn roster spots.”

I think Levi and Houston will make the 53, but they aren’t locks for roster spots.

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We have all heard the Levi props coming from Dan. But i have also heard that Houston was looking fast and strong from the Locked on Lions guy (Matt Dary or something? I never remeber his name)

I think it’s highly likely that we’ll see the body of the Levi we were hoping for in his rookie year, but with 3 years of pro exposure. So if that happens and he balls out, and Mekhi Wingo shows somethin’ somethin’, Alim price point will be too rich for the Lions when free agency comes.

Brad’s 2021 draft is already ranked #1 by some, even without any significant contribution from Levi to this point.

Yes, Matt Dery. I remember listening to him in 2022 after we lost to the Dolphins. Matt said he was very close to hanging it up if the Lions didn’t turn it around soon. In fact, I believe he said he was going to be done if they lost the following week. Well, they won the following week against the Packers and the rest is history. I am fairly certain Matt was truly at the end of his ropes and was ready to shut it down due to the frustration that WAS our Detroit Lions.

MUST step up? I think we’ll be fine if they don’t.

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Just about everyone had doubts at that time. We were 4-19-1 at that time and anyone predicting the geyser of success that followed would be viewed as a crazy homer.

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Oh I don’t blame Matt for feeling like that at all, but rather Marvel at the almost instantaneous turnaround of the franchise. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen anything so dramatic in Detroit sports history. I’m drawing a blank.


Hooker is a guy that needs to step up…

I don’t think the Article’s intent is their effect on the Lions success. It reads to me like they need to step up or their tenure being a part of the Lions roster may be in jeopardy if they don’t. Each breakdown talks about the increased competition they’ll be facing on the roster and if they don’t step up they may find themselves on the outside looking in when roster cuts start.

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I checked the article to see if that was the case but that’s not the way they phrased it. However they didn’t phrase it the way I took it either (that the Lions needed them to step up). But I chose to post anyway because this article was just so fluffy and inconsequential. Especially with that headline.

But it’s their job to create content, even when there’s no content to be created.

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Became much less of a big deal when some others got healthy, in conjunction with the acquisition of Reader…as well as the development of BroMart

Could be a big deal and potentially have a lot of “unsung hero”-type plays, because of what other teams will do to prep for LaPorta, Gibby, Jamo, Monty, etc.

I’m a bit more indifferent toward this cat, because of how much I belive in the others at his position…buuut…apply the “Mitchell factor” listed above.

Can he develop versatility? Willing to shave the cranium? Time will tell…

I have a gag reflex when I hear the name. Sure do wish we could part ways with him