5 Prime time games?


Sunday night
Monday Night
Thursday night
Saturday flex?

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We know Detroit vs. KC is going to be Sunday Night.

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come on now, you’re just naming days of the week aren’t you.


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Vikings, Chiefs, Chargers (MNF?), Cowpies, and Ravens…. :thinking:

Just win baby!! Don’t care the time of day or where it’s played. Kneecaps are delicious any time of day.

thanksgiving game is not considered a prime time game…we have always considered it one but it is not considered one in the NFL. That is also coming for Foster when he was breaking that little bit of information…

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So is Sunday international games considered primetime…

no. bc people other than the fan base of the team are gonna be sleeping or at church or doing whatever the hell people do at 9 am on a Sunday morning…

Its not considered a primetime game when it comes to the Cowboys, because the networks want to be able to pry them loose for 1 extra primetime game on their network.

But its considered a primetime game when the NFL says they want every single team to have at least 1 primetime game. Then they point to the Lions and say “Oh, you’ve got T-Day. Same thing!”

Tell me I’m wrong (you know I’m not) :grin:


Primetime games are fun, but I really enjoyed last years schedule. Not for me, I work a lot of Sundays anyway. But just how it was so consistent. The schedule could basically remain the same week to week with the minor exceptions of say travel. Even that wasn’t too bad because they played zero teams out on the Left Coast. I thought this was a real benefit to the team.

But I get it, they’re a hot team now. Combining Hard Knocks with what they did over the last 10 games, people want to see them. They are now a “ratings” team.

So if I had one request to the league, it would be please no Thursday night. They already have one short week for Thanksgiving; I think two is pushing it.

They get a Sunday nighter in Detroit though? A lot of people will be missing work and school on Monday. And speaking of Mondays, we all saw how that place was the last time it was at Ford Field.


As someone who lives on the West Coast, I wouldn’t mind more games that didn’t start at 10 AM. Last year’s schedule was an anomaly with no western road games but I’d still appreciate some prime time games. At least the results on the field improved because starting the day with a shit show performance sets a bad tone.


Man, this can;t be.

I’m trained to think this is the kiss of death for next season

I completely understand and empathize with that, I really do. Which is why I made sure to clarify I only liked the schedule due to it meaning the team could have damn near 95% consistency with the week-to-week.

But if the NFL is gonna throw them on five of these games, then Lions just have to deal with it and I am more than happy for you as a fan. Same for me. Latest I’m ever home if I happen to be working is 8:30. I don’t work on Mondays or Thursdays or most Sundays.

It’s not a win for the Lions’ schedule consistency, but it is 1,000% a win for the fans like you and I.

So if this ends up happening, I say to you - good sir - cheers :beer: :beers:

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This kind of makes Sunday ticket more expensive on a per game to watch lions basis

Maybe sports bar becomes comparable price point.

This is a great point. Five takes it down to 12. THEN, depending on their schedule, they could be FOX’s “game of the week” at 4 pm, which the whole world gets unless their team is playing at 4. So if I live in Montana, I’m getting the game of the week. Or if you live in SF and it’s Lions @ 49ers, you’re getting the game of the week by proxy. You could end up paying for like… 10 games. That makes the numbers look a whole lot different.

I think if we get a Thursday Night game it will be the week after Thanksgiving like we had against the Packers.

Okay so an entire week of usual prep then nine days before their following one. I could get behind that. Any other way though I’m not a fan.

Patricia’s first year
Lions on west coast for like 5 of the first 7 games

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