5 Qs preview: The Panthers are chaotic, unpredictable

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This guy is rooting for a tie. LOL. Yet, since we have the tie-breaker over Washington, a tie is like a win for us. Hope the coaching staff keeps that in mind…no crazy plays to go for the win when a tie will do just about as much good – pulls us into a favorable tie-breaker with Washington and the Giants, and gets us out of an unfavorable tie-breaker with Seattle.

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That’s cute that he thinks these teams are evenly matched. I have the Lions as the 4th best team in the NFC.

  1. Eagles
  2. Cowboys
  3. 49ers
  4. Lions

A tie in any of the last three reignites the tiebreaker.

I agree, the problem is we’ve left ourselves such a slim margin of error. Just one bad Sunday and our hopes are diminished. Relying on other teams to lose also stinks.

What a story if we make it to the playoffs though.

I honestly think we’d give a serious game to every team but maybe the Eagles, although were far better defensively than that first game. The 49ers would be tough too.


Game time temps are under 30 degrees in Charlotte, that’s the only thing that worries me about this game. Goff didn’t play great against NY in those conditions, could be because the Jets defense is very good. Playing well in cold temps would make me feel better about the game in Lambeau in a few weeks where the average temperature is in the 20s. With our luck, the Lions and Packers win the next two weeks and they make it a SNF game for a WC spot and the temps will be sub zero.

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Interesting. I thought Goff performed well and ran the offense that DC specifically called against the Jets.
It was a conservative game plan from the get go, too many penalties need to be cleaned up.


I will say it is difficult to clean up a penalty that really doesn’t exist at times.


Weird interview. Lions stop the run and we’re in good shape.


Screw that! The Lions have a huge advantage at QB, at O-line, at WR. We have a top 5 offense, the Panthers offense is garbage, 30th in yards per game out of 32 teams.

Defensively, they are middle of pack, 17th in yards allowed, so maybe they have a slight advantage there, but the Lions Defense has been much better the past 7 weeks, giving up less than 20 per game.

Special teams, we got Fox and Kalif, need I say more!


Lions players have to do what they have been, playing smart football, limiting penalties, and injuries, focusing on stopping the man in front of them, watching for and dealing with ANY trick voodoo plays Carolina can come up with…we win.

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Goff played timid IMO, Campbell even said they were playing too tight during halftime I believe. Go back and read the gameday thread, many posters were commenting on how he was playing too cautious.

This is a must-win.

If GB has a shot at the playoffs in week 18, there is absolutely zero chance the league/refs give the Lions any chance to win that one.


I’m aware, i posted that more than once on this board.

He threw for the second most yards of any QB against the Jets this year, point being, the game plan on offense was a cautious plan rightfully so against this defense.

He missed some throws no doubt and they were playing tight but overall he played well and within the gameplan that Ben, oh my goodness he’s leaving, Johnson and DC (he’s staying) and staff put together.

NFLN has the Lions #6 in the league.
Unbiased, my ass.


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