5 takeaways from the Lions’ loss to the Bears

Stink, Stank, Stunk, Sunk, Skunked

Atomic Wedgies

We played like shit, and deserved to lose.

But man, that officiating was the worst I’ve seen against us this season

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I do very much agree with, John. Though I do think we still would have lost a close game the intentional grounding call shifted the game dramatically.

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Lions played like ass. But is it too much to ask for the officials to know the rules?

The Lions looked clueless today but refs are clueless every damn week. How does a multi billion dollar league allow part time under paid dumb dumbs affect the product so much?



I really want to know why Hutch can’t get any calls either. That’s been all season

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The leagues best refs are on tv because it pays more. All the leagues refs have full time jobs because they don’t pay them enough to quit.

Did he even get the pass off?


I thought he did in real time and he in fact may have but damn that was close.

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I do think us throwing the challenge flag a couple plays earlier, stopped us from challenging that.

It’s either a sack or grounding. Instead, they called it incomplete

We still had a challenge available. And it was so close I doubt the down by contact part would be reversed. And people with access to better ability to locate the precise frame seem to believe it ws out of his hand.

But it just absolutely has to be grounding. Just an abysmal and game changing call.

I know we did. I think losing the first one, with the timeout impacted it


The one play wouldn’t have changed the game. The lions played like crap the whole game.

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Not an excuse for the loss, but the injuries are really starting to show themselves. Someone on the offensive line always hurt. Two best corner backs we signed in the off season are out.

Oh yeah and the fact we didn’t address the defensive line from last year to this year.

It would have dramatically changed the game. I still think we lose if we still mess up the exchange but the missed call was massive. No doubt about it.

People keep ignoring that the DL was, excluding CAR, terrific down the stretch last year.

Yeah the officiating was honestly horrible. But it should’ve been a non-factor. 1st place teams don’t let 4-8 teams stomp their dicks into the dirt like this.

Yeah and this year for example Cominsky has been a non factor.

They’re a deceiving 5-8 and yes they do. That’s the nature of the NFL. Chicago is pretty darn solid. They’ll likely finish 7-10 or 8-9 and they absolutely blew two games in astonishing fashion. IMI they also beat the Saints and perhaps Minny at home with Fields.