50 years of Biking Across IOWA

They’re trying to set a record on RAGBRAI this year as they ride into Des Moines, ““We may see 50,000 to 100,000 people ride that day,” said Trina Flack, vice president of sales at the Catch Des Moines visitors and tourism bureau and one of the city’s lead RAGBRAI organizers." I think it will be closer to 100,000. They are coming thru our town, Marengo, as a lunch stop on Friday. I will be cooking lunch for around 20 riders/friends including cousins from Phoenix and Denver that are riding and providing “chase” support. My old neighbor has her group, “Team Stiff”, stopping in with their 12 riders and bus. I, of course, will be doing some riding on my unicycle and offering advice to those 2 wheel freaks.


So many of my friends are doing this and do every year. It would be great to be a part of the record and we have strong connections to Ames, but boy is that a lot of people. A little crowded for me, though I am and avid cycler.


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"Interviews with riders on RAGBRAI…best one liner from a guy eating a pork chop for breakfast: “you can’t have a good day unless you make bad choices early”.

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I hosted around 25 riders at a lunch stopover at my home. It was a brutal day at 100 degree’s, high humidity, and the only wind was a head wind. I have lot’s of tree’s on my parking, corner lot so a couple buses I didn’t know stopped to get out of the brutal heat. So in addition to my group I had their’s using the shade and I opened my home to them for a bathroom and to cool down for those who needed it. Hard to describe that many riders, unreal.