6 starters out for Saints

Michael Thomas - WR
Andrus Peat - OG
Jared Cook - TE
Janoris Jenkins - CB
Marshon Lattimore - CB
Marcus Davenport - DE

Both starting CB’s out.

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Damn… We better take care of business!


^ Exactly …

So you’re saying there’s a chance…


I’d make them watch the 49rs game from last week…


Watch this come true.

Along with going back to 90%+ man coverage.



As long as we win baby!! :flushed:


I have a feeling Patricia will play right into what their strengths are because attacking a weak point doesn’t seem like something Patricia believes in.

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How are we going to win without C.J. Moore? Not sure I even want to watch if if C.J. isn’t playing.

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damn, that is huge.

Is Jeremy saying that the Saints will have 35+ rushing attempts?

The Prosecution rests … :joy:

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I mean, knowing the Lions he’s probably not wrong. And I think he means us lol. You know, those back to back 2 yard pickups on 1st and 2nd down that we normally do instead of attacking their weakness. :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, I suspect Stafford to have a field day if that O-line can give him a second or two.

The Saints are treating this as a bye week. As they should. All they really have to do is just show up. All these guys ruled out and the line only dropped by 1 point LOL. Saints -3

The Saints have struggled to get pressure on the last two QB’s they faced. Stafford should have time to go deep.

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Yeah, Jeremy is probably right. We’ll probably rush the ball this game more than any other game yet to date…against the 6th ranked run defense none-the-less.

Funny that Jeremy is cracking on the Lions coaches…but I don’t think Bevell is the worst of them, so it’s kind of odd to be crapping on him specifically…that’s why I wanted to clarify and make sure that’s who he’s really crapping on…but still funny.

The Lions should win this one. If they don’t, it’s back to fire these clowns.

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The Saints were without Thomas and Davenport last week. Add to that the losses at CB (Lattimore and Jenkins), TE (Cook) and G (Peat) well this is a game the Lions have to win. To lose means they have been outcoached. If Patricia is at the podium making excuses after the game, stick a fork in these guys.

On the other hand, to be 2-2 at the bye and likely being at full strength for the easier part of the schedule, well, who knows.

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I think we averaged only 21-26 a game so far… we are not going to break 30 unless we are rushing all over them in a good way :thinking::upside_down_face:

Lols didn’t you say this exact same thing last week ?