6 surprise NFL players who could be traded in the 2024 offseason--Joey Bosa to the Lions?

Joey Bosa, Chargers

Why Bosa could be traded: When Bosa plays, he’s a top-tier passer rusher. The problem is that he hasn’t played enough. Bosa missed 20 games over the 2022 and 2023 seasons due to various injuries. With a new coaching staff and front office coming to Los Angeles this offseason, it could be time to part ways and recoup some value for the 28-year-old Bosa.

Potential team fit: Detroit Lions, which would create a potent pass-rushing duo of Bosa and Aidan Hutchinson. The Lions could use another game-wrecking opposite of Hutchinson. They are in the bottom 10 in the NFL in sacks through Week 17, with Hutchinson as their only player who has more than five. Bosa could bring the unit to another level.

After several years of very high level play, Bosa has apparently declined this season. After effects of the 2022 injury? Age? The main concern is that this has occurred while having Khalil Mack pass rushing from the other side. Of course, the flip side of that argument is that the presence of Bosa has created more opportunities for Mack.

Joey Bosa | Los Angeles Chargers ED | NFL and PFF stats | PFF 2023 78.4 overall

2022 didn’t really play

Joey Bosa | Los Angeles Chargers ED | NFL and PFF stats | PFF 2021 85.8 overall

Joey Bosa | Los Angeles Chargers ED | NFL and PFF stats | PFF 2020 90.2 overall

Joey Bosa | Los Angeles Chargers ED | NFL and PFF stats | PFF 2019 89.6 overall

I’ve thought about it. Risky move.

Cap hits if $36 and $33 million over the next two years… Often injured… Any trade would likely trigger a new contract… He’s 29 next season… All reasons to pass on that. I’d rather trade for a top corner and draft DL.

Depends on the compensation to the Chargers.

He’s got two years left on his deal, but he’s very expensive:

I’m don’t think he’s worth the money and the draft compensation.

$15M base with $7M roster bonus for 2024–$22 Million

$17M base with $8.36M roster bonus for 2025–$25.36 Million.

Might be more likely to be a salary cap casualty.

I would agree

Spotrac shows a roster bonus and restructure number for the both those years… Do they not apply if traded?

Roster bonus goes with the contract.

Restructure bonus stays with the Chargers.

Signing bonus?

Injury problems? That’s a Holmes special. he might demand a torn ACL tho.

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I agree with others, rather acquire a CB or possibly an OL player than Bosa.

No thanks not for that money. We have to pay to many guys. If he is cut I say we kick the tires on maybe bringing him in.

That’s the Chargers responsibility.

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