60 years ago today

William Clay Ford Sr purchases a controlling interest in the Detroit Lions for $6m, which flies under the radar because the news goes crazy over some guy being shot in Dallas.

Some numbers for the team from 60 years under Ford ownership:

18 winning seasons
17 (non-interim) head coaches
13 top 5 draft picks
7 (non-interim) GMs
3 division titles
2 HoFers walking away at their peak
1 playoff win
1 0-16 season

Let’s all celebrate that horrible 60 years being over and look forward to the next 60 years of BNL dominance!



Aiden Hutchinson
Jeff Okudah
Ndamakon Suh
Calvin Johnson
Charles Rogers
Joey Harrington
Bryant Westbrook
Andre Ware
Barry Sanders
Billy Sims

Other 3? Lem Barney?Joe Schmidt?

Without WCF we don’t get the engineer of the BNL Sheila

We should take a moment to remember the worst crime ever committed in Dallas- The ref picking up that flag after Pettigrew was mugged.

What, you thought I was going to say the assassination? JFK been dead. Get over it.

To me, the more significant event from 60 years ago today:

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To think our hopes were hinged on the fate of just the right one of old Willy’s sperm breaking the goal line. It’s like The One Ring being found by a Hobbit. For once, on a the smallest of levels, a teensy weensy piece of WCF gave a shit. And gave us Shiela.

He could’ve pumped out another Junior clone to finish off the first century.

My guess is you weren’t alive yet when the JFK assassination took place. Get over WCF & a PI in Dallas.

Would it matter? I love a good 9/11 joke, and I watched the towers fall on live TV.

It is always better to not dignify an ignorant remark than to respond to it. Should have listened to my own advise.

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