#6OA Draft Odds

Movement after Carter’s visit yesterday. Witherspoon now even odds to go at #6 (not necessarily to Lions)

Carter now has highest odds at #9 (Bears) +250



I’ll be disappointed with a CB at 6. Such a deep class, and could get a good one at 18. Personally, I would much rather they go DL at 6, but if not, I’ll trust Holmes and get behind whomever they go with.


I think the expectation is that Anderson and Wilson are gone and that Carter is falling off the Lions’ board

In this scenario there would still be a QB so maybe Lions can move down

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I’d be disappointed in a corner that might play at 175 pounds. He’s not a good enough physical prospect for the top ten imo. Aren’t these more about what ppl believe than what might actually happen?

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Not if the QB is Levis. Worst case scenario is Young, Anderson, Stroud, AR, and Wilson off the board and Carter not an internal option.

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I am almost here with it thought wise… This draft is so terrible for blue chip talent. If you like a guy or two for the 18 spot. Go ahead & take that person at 6

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I’m back on the Bijan train.
Jack Campbell
Gervon Dexter

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Low limit props like this are more influenced by the public than high limit sides and totals which are more influenced by sharp bettors. So yes, this is heavily a public bet.

But considering that Witherspoon is a favorite - line now moving away from him a bit - is surprising on the heels of the Carter visit. If this was just crowdsourced I think we would see something different. Most people - even Lion fans - aren’t going to be betting on a specific cornerback here.

Going by odds, current top ten would shape out to


with only Young really locked into his spot. Witherspoon at 6 has the second highest odds

OL getting no respect. I’d put money there.

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