7 & 2 Mooser Crunchers!

Who’s the Baddest In The Land !? DETROIT LIONS BABY --OH HELL YEAH !

and we have some super good players fellas *


Lions now sit at 7-2 for just the third time in franchise history. They also hit that mark in 1993 (the last time they won the division) and 2014 (made the playoffs).

Eat that for dinner tonight!! :grinning::beans::poop:

The Bears are going down—Fudge Packers to IMO. hoping we can win one of the Vikes games…

My favorite stat, right now.
3 teams sit at 7-2. The other two played in the Super Bowl last February.


There is no reason the Lions shouldn’t win the next 4 games (Pack, Bears twice, Saints)

11-2 going into the Broncos game and after watching last nights game that one should be a win also

We’ll beat em 43 to 40 and then two weeks later 56 to 33.

Mid December in Chitown is gonna be a bitch. It will be a ground game with us as the best RB duo in the entire league.


I can see another 200 yards rushing day by Monty/Gibbs, no doubt

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Homecoming for David Montgomery, big rushing day.


The Grinch GIF by NBC


Actually, I was repeating something on “I saw on the internet”.
It’s bullshit. The Eagles are 8-1. KC, Baltimore, and Detroit are 7-2.
But, it sure sounded cool.

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Baltimore is 7-3

Yep. Forgot they haven’t had their bye.
Don’t listen to me. Im full of shit.:laughing:

Since week 5, Chicago is the #1 rushing D. Just throwing it out there.

True but looking at who they played, all those teams are bottom half of the NFL in rushing yards per game. Raiders (30th) , Vikings (29th), Chargers (22nd), Saints (23rd) , Panthers (27th).

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Good point! Hopefully the Lions run it all over them.