#7/8 overall pick

As of today, likely gonna pick no worse than here and could break the top 5

What’s the tiebreaker for a tied record with a team you tied, Ty?

Strength of schedule, which is the combined win-loss record for all 16 of the team’s opponents in the previous season (ties count as a half win and half loss).

Which w/o looking at it will be close as bith divisions are stacked, we both played a 4th place schedule…pkaying AFC West might hose us as they have a couple good teams, and a couple bad but not terrible.

The Cards will win another game this season so it won’t really matter.

In a year we have a shitty record and probably won’t win another game and we have the best record of the last place teams. Jesus Christ this team even sucks at losing. lol


I know i will be rooting for Miami, Denver, Washington, Atlanta and New. York to be win all of their remaining games. CHASE YOUNG!!!

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We’re not going to get up high enough to draft Chase Young. But we might get up high enough that our ‘20 and ‘21 firsts would get him. I would be all for that personally.

5 of the top 6 teams get one more win and we could be at 2 possible.

I really don’t think we win again, I would imagine that would get us top 3.

I think they win Thanksgiving and the Bucs.

That should be good for 8th, maybe 7th.

Should find an impact edge or corner there. Anything else is stupid.

You think we beat the Bears with Driskel back there?

Yep. It’s very Lionesque

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Who will we miss out on this year?

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Depends on which Driskel shows up. The 109.3 Driskel or the 50.9 Driskel.
If he can get the interceptions down, he’ll be a pretty good QB. He looked damn good in Dallas, and had some nice moments in D.C., too.

Very true considering we win the meaningless last game. A game that would have given us the fifth pick. A pick that would have netted Devin White.

Devin White was more of Davis though. Really athletic and explosive but not the most instinctive player and is out of position or running past tackles alot.

The Bucs might be the game that get Patricia fired if Stafford doesn’t play.

Jameis is gonna throw 2 picks but he’s giving putting up 40

Sounds perfect for our defense!

Did not want White. If we were going undersized LB, I preferred Bush.

We have a much worse SOS than the Cards. We get 7, they are 8.