7 key plays that could’ve changed the outcome of Lions vs. Chiefs

Almost all the pain collected in one place.

I was so pissed at the Lions fans at FF when we decided to go for it on 4th down.

The fans were so excited to see us go for it on 4th down that they were screaming almost as loud as when we are on Defense.

I mean, FFS, I get it…your happy we are going for it but STFU and let Stafford call signals. Lions fans causing False Starts for OUR Offense SMDH

And this article is why, as big as that play was, nobody can say “KJ lost the game for the Lions”. If they make the stop on 4th down the game is over and the Lions win IN SPITE OF KJs big mistake. If we make that INT (tough to be sure), the game is over and the Lions win IN SPITE of KJs big mistake.

And if Galloday tackles the MFer with the ball on KJ’s mistake the Chiefs are inside their own 5 looking to go 95 yards

  1. The roughing call that never was, that gave them a first down, continuing a drive that ended in a TD.
  2. The sack fumble, where if Matt had thrown it out of bounds would have given us 3 more points (overtime)
    9.5 Kicking the extra point, instead of going for the 2 pt conversion, that could potentially have changed the above mentioned OT game into a win

Weren’t we down by 4 points? We had to have a TD.