8 UFL players who NFL teams could be interested in


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Alright. I’m having a brain fart but what position is ED?



Sad Henry Rollins GIF


I’ll take the kicker from the Battlehawks over Bates

If you don’t know about ED then you are in good shape. I hear there are plenty of medications if you do run into ED issues.

What does the initials E D stand for? If it was D E it would be defensive end. Edge is always spelled out.

Again if you don’t have E D issues then you are doing groovy baby.

I am of coarse referring to the medical condition, not the football position.

ED is short for edge -or- erectile disfunction.

Take your pick!

Wasn’t Hakeem Butler nicknamed the Vulture or something like that?

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I liked Butler coming out of college…Never really got a chance in the NFL. Big (6’5/220+) dude that excels at contested catches.

He got lots of chances to impress NFL coaches. He just didn’t do anything to warrant any playing time.

Not to be confused with

Yep, and that was from 4 years ago. It’s only gotten worse since… until this UFL season.