86% of Lions fans polled on POD

Feel better about this team AFTER THE LOSS then they did before the game

I’m one of them. I told the wife everyone expects us to get blown out, and I figure we’ll lose but if it’s close, and it comes down to the end of the game, that’ll say a lot about the Lions.

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We have things to clean up in ball security and containment (4th and 8, blech). Beyond that, we went toe to toe with a SB favorite and even outplayed them for most of the game. The Lions have the firepower and depth to hang with anyone IMO. It sucks that we play in such a brutal division.


Giving that game away yesterday isn’t division winning football. Period.

It’s cute that people want to say “we can play with anyone”… well how about winning these games. Stop talking about it and do it. Win big games.

If the Lions go to GB and lose it’s SOL.


I’m very curious to see your views or your take on this, whatever you wish to call it. On the winning touchdown by Kansas City that clearly the runner’s knee was down before he crossed the goal-line and Visual Evidence of the same has been posted on this site as well as numerous others in addition to the fact that snacks was being violently clotheslined in one of the most blatant offensive holding examples that I can remember. Then lastly I’d love to hear your view on the blatant non-call of pass interference against Kansas City on Detroit’s second Hail Mary attempt when Marvin Jones was simply pushed down by the Kansas City Defender. Lots and lots of plays could be put under the microscope so to speak but those specific ones at the end of the game are literally game-changing altering the actual outcome of win or loss with little to no time left making everything before that moot. So what’s your view? Thanks

feeling much better–KJ fumble ,the completed pass that was not–the no whistle blow and the 15 yard scramble --was, well you know–our guys stayed in the fox holes and really beat them–my feelings as such–major ,major improvement over last year----oh–by the way—how can we get high school ref’s for NFL games–LOL

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Losing a football game is not winning football at all by definition.
But when you couple it with 2 consecutive wins vs expected playoff teams and a underwhelming tie against AZ.
The first game they looked great until the out of condition Dline faded hard in the fourth.
As a whole, the evidence has the look of a team on the rise that just, in many people’s eyes, just out played the top seeded team in the NFL.
That’s why people feel much better about the Lions.
Yes we know they still have to walk the walk.
But The outlook is better than most envisioned after preseason.

Last year after 4 games the Patriots were 2-2 and had been dominated front to back for 4 qtrs by the Lions in Week 3, a team that ended with 6 wins.

I don’t think they were playing “Division Winning Football” then.

Since the Patriots won the Super Bowl one hypothesis could be that teams can get better as the season goes on and not be playing their best football in September.

But yea…we have to not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory if we are going to win the Division. I think everybody knows that


I’d say, for the most part, all teams play some sloppy, inconsistent football in September. All get better as the season progresses. The teams that finish “hot” are the teams that progress the most.

There’s no question in my mind that Patricia & Co scheme very well.
Thru 4 weeks, I believe we’ve seen improvement on the field
On Sunday I think we saw one intense MoFo in Stafford
This team will improve and if last year is an indication, we will see solid improvement as the season progresses. I like what I’m seeing with Bevel. It’d be nice if this year we see improvement on both sides of the ball.

Well, we had 6 wins, not 4 lol and they didn’t have Edelman either. Overall, I do agree that September is not the month to define a season. We’ve gotten better since week one and will continue to improve on offense especially as the players become more comfortable with the scheme. And speaking of scheme, we’ve had great game plans each week, execution may not be where it needs to be, but if we clean up the mistakes, this team will be in good shape come December/January.

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Yea I corrected that 6 wins but you caught it too soon.

And we have had players missing this season as all teams do.

It doesn’t change the fact that the Super Bowl winning team was 2-2 after 4 games with a loss to a weak ass team in Sept.

We lost to a Strong AF team in Sept

As they say…Championships are not won in September

We have to continue to execute better for sure

I think this is the start of something special. Perhaps and we might be a year away…one more draft of difference makers (closers)…but this team, this regime is different then past teams. Every single time we would go into a “big game” in the past years we knew we would most likely lose. We most likely wouldn’t even show up and if we did show up in the first quarter we expected we would fade by the 3rd and clutch a lose out of the jaws of victory. This coaching staff gameplans really well and coaches up the players, some of our biggest wins over the last two years have been against the NFL Elites (Pats, Packers, Eagles, Chargers) and we played Rams and Chiefs to the final horn. The cohesiveness of the team is apparent…I like where this FRANCHISE is heading over the next few years.

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So does Andy Reid. And he isn’t one to hype things like a Pete Carroll or a Gruden. If he says something you can pretty much assume he means it…because he doesn’t talk just to read his quotes in the paper the next day

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Feel much better, for what its worth.

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I hadn’t seen this Jaded. Your comment prompted me to go find it. That’s some great stuff…


Giving that game away yesterday isn’t division winning football. Comma,

Iggy, (comma) I fixed it for you. You are not the grand poobah of football, even if you think you are. Reality doesn’t ride on what you say. There is still a possibility that the Lions could win the division. So, while your statement seems ‘legit’, it’s just more LESHIT. No, the Lions didn’t win the division yesterday, no other team did either…

That said… I get that you’ve been waiting (eagerly) for the Lions to lose, so you can dump a load of diarrhea on this board, but reality suggests strongly that most NFL teams lose at least once per year. Even the great Cowgirls lost yesterday (lol at that one). Take a pill! I know you won’t, but rest assured the Vegas line on how many posters here want you to take a pill is pretty high. Over/under… 100

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man we went toe to toe against a Superbowl- winning team, WE are the team that is typically “bottom-feeders” Iggy, for various reasons . The Chiefs had to pull that win out with officials helping them along. sure, more than one of our players made mistakes…and hey were considerable, but STILL KC had to fight and claw their asses off to win.

They ONLY won because they had calls go their way more often and it was not because they outplayed our asses and took us to school.
we lost by a TD that was called back.

We had a 14 point swing on one play, yet still came back to take the lead.

We lost another 7 points on the Gallady no catch (that should have been flagged for PI). Stafford fumbles next play.

The no holding call and knee down on KC’s last play was terrible officiating.

Detroit could have easily won this game by 20 points.

2-1-1 for the first quarter of the season.

3 more quarters of 3-1 football and we likely win the division and host a playoff game. Throw a 4-0 quarter in there and we could be talking homefield.


I think we are going to see a much improved team come late October-December. Guys need to stay healthy though.

You can tell he was “locked in”.