9/14 College Football Thread

Not much going on this week.

Watching D’Antonio vs Herm Edwards. State/Arizona.

Temple Beats Maryland.
PSU very fortunate to get the w against Pitt.

Wow, Maryland was getting some love and hype…oh well, they were great for 2 games.

I hate Arizona! Wtf!

Finally! Win or lose, State’s not ranked, Monday.

Its almost like this team would go to double overtime at home to Army.

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Gophers blow it, Sparty blows it, Hawkeye’s are behind…

Nope, no overtime needed today.

More importantly Go Eastern! Santa Lovie Smith never knew what hit him!:metal:

USC goes down in OT against BYU. That kid playing QB for BYU looks really good. He’s definitely one to keep an eye on. Clearly he left such an impression on me that I’ve already forgotten his name.

I was super nervous. I had Kentucky +9.5 at home against Florida.
Are Florida, Florida St., and Miami really all as bad as they seem?

The Gophers won.

I can almost feel the Urban Meyer era starting at USC.

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