**9/21 College Football Thread

Not a ton of big games, but just enough to make it an interesting day.

Michigan vs Wisconsin
Auburn vs Texas A&M
Notre Dame vs Georgia

I have no clue why Notre Dame accepted that game vs Georgia. Why get exposed as a fraud this early in the season? Normally they wait until bowl time for that. LOL

Think Harbaugh gets further exposed, but I’m hoping he actually let’s Gattis do his job for the first time.

ND loses by 3 scores.

Auburn gets lit up.

The Notre Dame game is such an obvious mismatch that I wonder if the refs are going to get involved to keep it close.

I think Uofm wins by 13.

It is ND.

After falling off a cliff last year and two less than stellar efforts so far, a win is a must.

Very curious to see how my guy Chubba Hubbard faces against a Texas defense that isn’t overwhelmed by his athleticism

Big Game
On the road
Under dog

Feels like a loss for Michigan to me.

Actually, feel like the Wolverines, the Spartans, and the Lions complete a trifecta of a bad football weekend for us fans of those teams.

Michigan just got screwed!

Michigan is the most unprepared team week in and week out I have ever seen.It kills me as a fan but Jim not a good college coach it’s just that simple.He has a team of athletes that aren’t coached well and lack discipline and toughness.I really hope they can turn it around but they are light years from the top teams in the country.


Can’t argue a word of this.

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Yep, this Michigan team is being outclassed on both sides of the ball.

Looking like a potential 5 loss team this year.

Harbaugh should definitely start to feel the heat.

Please baby jesus let this be the game that they FINALLY decide Harbaugh is overrated and we need a change.

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Joe Burrow reminds me of Sam Darnold. Just another potential franchise QB to add to the riches at that position in the next two drafts. Great time to grab Stafford’s successor

He’s not quite the athlete but a more consistent sound decision maker

And Joe’s dad was a husker, so he’s got that going for him which is nice

UofM might be the most overrated program over the past few years. Everyone wants this team to be great under Harbaugh. AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!:face_vomiting::poop::grin:

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The price to this is maybe this yr Wisconsin take the big ten title as well as runs for the national championship…

Thier running game is freakish!!

This is definitely the game that makes Michigan irrelevant for the rest of the season.