9/28 College Football Thread

No big matchups this week, but a few games to pass the time if you are bored. Michigan finally has an opponent they might be able to beat.:rofl:

I didn’t think I’d live to see a day when Duke hammers Virginia Tech 45-10 in Blacksburg. That entire program has gone to chit without Beamer.

I’ll be watching TT/Okla & Wash St/Utah. Oh, and fuck Michigan and can’t wait for b-ball.

Maybe Rich Rod is available?

It would be an improvement.

ASU beating Cal last night was enough for me to feel better about State’s loss.

I really thought Harbaugh was gonna turn Michigan football around. Wow!

Wonder where they go from here?

I really wanted them to get Brian Kelly a loooooong time ago. GVSU, CMU, U of M

You forgot Cincy.

I didn’t forget them, I just thought we should have reached out to him before they did. Maybe I turned in a piece of 7th grade writing. LOL.

Nebraska is not very good right now but I have to say that Ohio State team is absolutely loaded. Chase Young is going to be an absolute superstar. I like him better than Bosa. Young and Garrett are probably my favorite pass rushers these last few years.

Lawrence and Fields is going to be a helluva #1 and #2 in the ‘21 draft.

Did you watch the game today and listen to Matt Millen?

Kept going on about Josh Gattis being on the sideline now and not in the booth upstairs.
My questions is, it really took Harbaugh 3 games to figure that little aspect out?

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Brutal. I didn’t see it, but I’m glad. When I hear Millen, I get PTSD. :wink: