9/7 College Football Thread

Let the “play like chit for Delpit” campaign begin! And if you dont know who LSU safety Grant Delpit is yet, you will.:wink:

As a side note, does anyone know if bars can show the Khbaib fight? It’s on ESPN+ which to my understanding is just an internet streaming service. I missed the Lomachenko fight last week and now I’m wondering about this fight.

Don’t know anything about fights, but I did read this article today.

This guy sounds interesting for Patricia.

Jabril Cox, LB, North Dakota State
:It’s not often an FCS-level player gets mentioned, but Cox is not your typical FCS-level linebacker. He’s big (listed at 6-3/235) and swift afoot, often too fast for the competition. Cox has played both SAM and WILL and gets asked to do a little of everything, from blitzing to man coverage in the slot over flexed tight ends. I caught two games from 2018 and Cox popped off the screen with his agility and tackling ability. Cox and the Bison are playing archrival North Dakota (3:30 p.m., ESPN+) and there will be NFL scouts in attendance. Right now, Cox is regarded as a Day 3/priority free agent, but he could play his way up the pecking order."

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Ha, Wes. Rub that salt!

LOL, we can do this all day Wes.

But it’s a college thread. Does A&M have a shot today?

Yes they definitely have a shot. Clemson always seems a bit vulnerable at the start of the season. Didn’t they already give Clemson all they could handle last year?

I’m definitely pulling for Clemson though.

Clemson as well, think it will be entertaining. Also tooting for Texas, why? Because I hate LSU😐

I lived in Louisiana for 9 years and love the way they love their Tigers. So I’m all LSU most of the time and today is no different.

Michigan may be the most overrated team ever. Horrible coaching by Harbaugh. OL was supposed to be good but are actually a terrible unit. 3 fumbles. 7 penalties.
Never been more pissed about a team than this team, including lions

Michigan is…

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I agree with everything you said about the Harbaugh era. The honeymoon was officially over last Nov. In Columbus.


As a Michigan fan I have to say Harbaugh is no doubt the most overrated coach I have ever seen.This team is never disciplined and he always has excuses for coming up short in big games.Its also becoming clear that Patterson lack pocket awareness has a good arm but he just seems anxious and never looks comfortable.

The defense has been there but for whatever reason, he can’t get the offense even close to what the defense is.

Delpit is a stud. When watching Greedy and White film last winter, Delpit kept flashing all over the place. The guy was their best player in the secondary by far.

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Hawkeye’s look really good, but there is no way I would consider drafting Nate Stanley. Epenesa is a top 10 pick.

But do you really think we’re going to lose to Army?
It’s only one half of a game so far, we got our wake-up call.

I so want to believe you.