9 Bears test false positive

I agree with the sentiments on the government. For every person who says the government did it wrong, I tell them to name me a comparable situation that we could use as an example of handling it right.

As devastating as covid was to Italy, they still managed to pull through and are doing fine now. I understand that the purpose of everything was to slow the spread, and yes that idea made sense. However, threatening to shut everything back down because infection numbers are increasing is implying that there is a way to stop the numbers from increasing. Their really isnt. I have heard it presented more than once that really what needs to happen is to send everyone home for at least 2 weeks to let the virus burn itself out. Which is as brain dead as it sounds. I know the purposes of everything was to give the doctors and everyone a chance to help as many people as they could without being overwhelmed, but right now we are continuing to operate on the same methodology and it doesn’t appear much of our prep work has worked as we still have all sorts of random limitations.

I will give you guys one example of the stupidity of the opening policies. Right now, churches are still limited to how many people can attend services. Yet our bowling league opens tomorrow. 5 man teams, 30 teams. 150 people in the bowling alley at once, not counting staff and people just there to watch. Figure an extra 50 people. So 200 people in a bowling alley, and you have to wear a mask to walk into the bowling alley and to go to the snack bar, but you don’t have to wear a mask at your team table or while bowling. However, while at the table, you are literally an arm’s reach away from all 5 team members.

Tell me how that is abiding by social distancing, while churches are not? I fully expect the bowling league will be shut down as it’s only time before covid spreads around like a virus in a room full of crowded people. (see what I did there?)


If people don’t come in contact with each other, the numbers will go down. It’s not something that goes airborne and you can get 5 miles down the road.

I think some businesses don’t care and are trying to recoup whatever they can and will do the what they have to get people in the door…but yeah, having everyone that close seems like bad idea and a death sentence for your league.

To be honest, Italy could have lost half their population and they’d still “manage to pull through”…but it’s not ideal and a lot more old people would die a miserable unassisted death.

Again, I just don’t know how it could be handled much better at this point.

I heard the NFL has traced this all back to one lab.

I know 6 people in California who all got it in the last two weeks. None know each other. All live in Southern to mid California.

All of them are sick as hell but all appear like they will pull through. All are currently at home resting.

It’s running rampant there.

Sunday I ran into a couple older friends that went into a mini-rant about how much they hated masks and were looking for the non-mask area of our gathering to sit in. I thought to myself they needed to just get over themselves. Yesterday, in the heat and humidity of the day, I hit a limit to how much I could tolerate myself. First time all summer. Cut one of my visits short so I could get back to my car and remove it.

I say all that because I know how crazy hot it had gotten in Texas and of course how hot it is in the southwest. How much of their issues are related to abstaining from or possibly even fidgeting with facial coverings?

You are wearing masks outside or was it just hot inside?

We went to the mall in Charlotte last weekend and the damn stores were hot as hell for some reason. There was a distinct temperature difference inside the stores vs out in the general areas. I was in and out pretty quick because of it.

Yeah, I believe so. The Bears, and all the other teams that had similar issues. One would assume that lab just lost a bunch of money from a nice juicy NFL contract. Someone’s going to get fired.

yes and yes. in and out of a building that was hot, passing through public spaces where a mask is required. Basically, it needed to be on so frequently that it didn’t make sense to remove it in the moments it wasn’t required.

Are mask really working though? One outbreaks are still happening in prisions.
Correction officer have to wear them, plus they haven’t had outside contact for months, meaning no visitors. So if mask work, then why is there still a break out happening in prisions. This whole thing is just a mess from testing to mask. At this point there should be no incorrect testing.

All Bears test negative for heart.

One Bear In Partucular tests negative for accuracy

Khalil Mack tests positive for Thick Stax of Cash

Tarik Cohen fails height test, cannot go on Cedar Point Rollercoaster

Bears fans test positive for Mass Delusion Syndrome, average cholesterol over 350 and widespread venereal disease.


All Bears fans tested, and none of them have COVID. It turns out that since they are all stuck in 1985, COVID doesn’t exist yet.


Now we’re talkin…


Now it’s 10 feet…lol. I bet they would still catch from a lion’s player

Apparently in Chicago it is… unless your rioting.

True. Oh well. Maybe 2021 will be their year.