9 Bears test false positive

What a joke this is.


Looks like the Browns had the same thing happen. I wonder how many times this happens throughout the country? More and more people are starting to wake up!


Six from the steelers

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Yeah, well one of the guys I used to work with was asking for prayers the other week because he had double pneumonia from Covid and was in the hospital. He says it’s no joke.

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Everyone “knows a guy” . I know multiple people who killed themselves during this “pandemic”. Not interested in listening to a sob story. This is the fakest, most overblown thing in history and people are waking up to it.


To keep this NFL relevant… yeah this is going to cause some major issues for teams once the season starts. They maybe should use whatever lab the PGA tour is using because they seem to have straightened out all of their false positive tests… and now there has been like one positive test in 2 months.

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Don’t sugar coat it Iggy tell us what you really think. Sorry I just couldn’t resist. :grinning:

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It’s not a sob story, it’s reality. Not sure what people killing themselves during it has to do with anything but whatever. Covid is bad news for some people. This dudes daughter is a college softball player, brought it home, and was gone to college in 2 weeks with no ill effects. Her dad however, got double-pneumonia from it and was scared for his life. And he’s not some pussy dude either.
You really need to get a grasp of the severity of what this illness can do.

I understand that your post was about false-positives and hopefully there is something they can do to remedy those…but from what I’ve heard, some people that had flu shots last year will test positive from that flu shot. And I’ve heard stories about people testing 3 times and 2 times be negative and one time positive.

Over 800k people have died worldwide, yep overblown. :roll_eyes:

Then you have a blind spot you should research.


I have a blind spot for false sob stories?

Iggy said he wasn’t interested in sob stories and said he knew a few people that killed themselves, it was in reference to sob stories.

I hate these numbers…

800k, tragic, amirite? I mean, who knew they over the course in human history, there would be a virus that could kill, sit up for this now, ONE PERCENT, of the population?

Can Covid kill you. Yes. Should we do everything we can to treat people. Yes. Should we shut down the world economy and tell people to stop living their lives over a virus that we cannot stop the spread of, but can treat with near 98% survival rate. No. That survival rate keeps going up as well.

Here is the true reason for panic from Covid. People remembered, we are NOT the ones in control. Nature is. Life is fragile, and you will die at some point no matter what you think you can do about it.
There are things out there that can kill you that you still choose to do, every single day. You choose to follow, choose to participate in, choose to ignore, etc. You consider those things as part of every day life. That’s because it is. Now Covid is part of your every day life. The sooner people accept that, the sooner we all can start moving on with our lives.

Here is some real truth. In 2020, we were reminded of our mortality, and a bunch of people who are supposed to be leaders, including elected officials, proved they are nothing more than a bunch of bitches by doing nothing but sit around and form committees that all lead to a bunch of bitching. People are cowards, and that’s why I don’t listen to people and I investigate and research everything myself.

I am sorry your friend got covid and had double lung pneumonia. He also survived it, along with a huge number of other people who walked away from it. All through human history, we have diseases that kill people. A lot still exist today. We have no known cures and barely decent treatments against a number of them. We still functioned as normal people. Instead of thinking that somehow people can stop something, they should be looking at how we can get smarter and learn from it and treat it.

I still maintain, even in 2019, if you said there would be a terrible disease that would come and infect a ton of the population, kill off 1% of the world’s population, was 97% survivable, and the vast majority of infected people would either be completely asymptomatic or have symptoms mimicing the flu, everyone would have said, “Well, at least it could be worse.” If you had told everyone that we would then shutdown the world economy, force everyone to behave by passing meaningless laws and mandates, let criminals out of jail, shutting down schools, and all of the other complete idiocy being passed off as “solutions”, most people would’ve laughed and told you that would NEVER happen. They are only half right. It DID happen, but it never SHOULD have happened.

Every generation has had to face some form of crisis. Since this one is ours, I am ashamed to say that we failed in nearly every possible way. I still have hope sanity resumes soon.



  • We are not in control as we are powerless
  • Life is now seen as it is… unmanageable…

you accept this as fact and maybe find your Higher Power along the way…

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I understand where you’re coming from and I respect your point of view…but, this affects the elderly more than the rest of us. Not to mention what they’re calling “long termers”, I believe. Those that get it and the lingering long-term effects from it.
I was talking to a guy from work and he was saying that a guy his mom worked with got it and had to retire at age 52 because of the long-term effects.

There’s a point that it’s going to kill old people more and that it would save the government a lot of social security…but I think that money goes to their spouses anyways…unless both die I guess, maybe it goes to the kids after that, I don’t know. But if there’s a bunch more of “long termers” that need social security it’s probably going to cost the government even more if they are to be taken care of.

I messaged my buddy that I used to work with and he says he can’t go 10 feet without getting winded, so who knows if he’ll ever fully recover or not.

I know this thing doesn’t seem like a big deal to some but to me, my parents are 75-ish and my step-mother has asthma issues already so I don’t know if one or both of them got it that they’d survive…but yeah, I guess it’s not a big deal until you lose someone close to you from it.

If we didn’t take the steps we did, more people would get it, more people would die. I know, if someone in close vicinity to me at work get its and gives it to the rest of us, it will probably shut our division down. I imagine it could shut a small company down, maybe for good. So you have to look at the big picture. And I get it, mother nature has a way of creating new illnesses for population control and I do believe our earth is over-populated already. It is a “natural occurrence” although this one doesn’t appear to be as “natural”.

I think the test they are giving us aren’t very good. At this point the test should be very fast and accurate. Shouldn’t take a few days to find out if it’s poistive or negative.

One of the reasons for false testing is thought to be from the Covid virus shedding, I’ve heard this a couple times.

I came across this article and found it interesting enough to share.

Yep these rushed tests are just asking for these false positives.

We have plenty of threads in the OTT about COVID in general- let’s keep talk about the virus there, if we can. But false positive testing impacting teams is football related- so lets talk about the false positives here, not the virus in general.

Like I said when it happened, I’m glad Stafford got his false positive when he did. First, I’m glad it happened early, and not now or (heaven forbid) during the season. Second, the false positive probably caused a massive freak-out within the Lions organization, and hopefully they put mechanisms in place to reduce the chance of future false positives. I’m not sure what those would be- different test, different testing company, multiple tests from multiple companies, etc. Whatever route they go, I’d like to believe that the Lions have found ways to be less susceptible to false positives moving forward, especially since from all report they seem to be pretty on top of this COVID thing in general.

Death is always a big deal. I know full well my Grandpa wouldn’t survive this if he got it, and it’s not likely my Dad would. I acknowledge there is a chance I could get it or my kid, and anyone around me could get it and die.

When it comes to the human race though, this is all a part of the process. This cat is out of the bag. Even the whole misguided notion we could “slow it down”, you are just delaying the inevitable. We were gifted some pretty amazing human bodies that have to go through these things in order to learn how to fight them off. Some people will not win that fight. That’s natural selection for you. If it wasn’t Covid, it would have been something else. The strong will survive and the species will survive.

I am not rooting for anyone to get Covid. I am simply stating, with how the virus works and spreads, there is no way we are stopping it. We will all be exposed to it at some point. Just like chicken pox, just like the flu, just like scarlet fever, just like many diseases that still go on around us that we consider a simple fact of life. Some people will even die from those diseases, despite our extensive knowledge on how to treat them.

The idea that we could all go home for a month and come back and be in a covid free world was a joke, and the idea we can stop the spread is a joke. This will work its way around, and even those taking the best of precautions will have to shop at a store at some point and there you will be exposed to someone who has it. It’s the way the world works, and again the sooner we accept it the sooner we can resume living our life. It may not be the old normal, but life changes day to day anyways.

Who ever said that we were going to “go home for a month and we’ll be Covid free”? That seems to be a misinterpretation on your part.

Originally, no one knew what we were dealing, how contagious, how deadly, etc. So, they tried to slow the spread by keeping every away from each other as much as possible. Remember back, one day Trump is saying that it’s nothing more than the flu and the next day they were closing stuff down.

I can’t imagine where we’d be if they didn’t shut things down. Also, they shut things down so the hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed and people were suffering like in Italy.

I think the government did a pretty good job. I don’t know how you can judge them when they had no idea what they were dealing with and this was the first time anything like this has happened, to this extent anyways.

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As far as comparing the NFL to the PGA isn’t apples to apples, there’s 150 PGA guys and I don’t even know how many NFL players right now…3000 is just a guess.