A familiar lament

From Peter King’s FMIA column:

“We all wear the scars,” Rich Eisen said, speaking for New York Jets fans across the universe. “The Buttfumble scar, the fake-spike scar, and the NFL Draft scar. Or scars.”

1980: Lam Jones drafted ahead of Anthony Munoz
1983: Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino
1988: Dave Cadigan over Michael Irvin
1995: Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp
2002: Bryan Thomas over Ed Reed
2003: DeWayne Robertson 12 picks ahead of Troy Polamalu
2012: Quinton Coples over Chandler Jones
2018: Sam Darnold over Josh Allen

“The greatest statistic in NFL history concerns the Jets draft,” Mike Greenberg said. “They picked Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino, Al Toon over Jerry Rice, Blair Thomas over Emmitt Smith—and when those guys retired, Marino, Emmitt and Rice were the most productive quarterback, running back and receiver of all time!”

An impressive display of drafting ineptitude almost matching the Lions.


Now, lets analyse Lion second round picks in comparison.

Don’t mean to be a Jets apologist, but I think this could be done for every team. Just go down and pick the multi- pro bowl players after your pick. I don’t think it’s unusual.

Notice how they had to use us to make themselves look good?
That’s not a healthy mindset. “I’m not okay. You’re not okay.”
Be careful around folks like that. They’re capable of anything and ready to snap.

1 of my pre-draft predictions was that Jets fans would boo their 1st round picks.

Boy was that one wrong. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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