A Little Side-break featuring Kelly Stafford

Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, regrets snapping at Instagram troll over makeup dig


Poor, misunderstood Kelly…

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Poor Stafford, he definitely is not wearing the pants in that marriage. She’s a feisty one. He’s never won an argument that’s for sure, although most men never have.


Easy there…you looking to catch a pretzel?!?


Women are undefeated…or so they say. :innocent::smiling_imp:


I have a theory that the main reason we have trans women is because they were tired of losing arguments.


Even lost in my divorce case. But, deep in my heart, it was monumental win. Knowing how shitty her life has become and how great mine became.


Completely disagree

Completely agree

100% agree.
Masculine energy lets the woman vent without judgment…then she feels safe…then all of the drama energy moves into the bedroom more and more the more safe she feels.

EXTREMELY microwaved & oversimplified

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Stafford hasn’t gotten laid in months dude… with all those little girls running around the house yelling and screaming all day. He’s basically got a day care on the go. haha

In fairness, the guy did make a shameful comment, and I don’t actually think there’s much wrong in Kelly calling him out for it.

Compared to some of the stuff about her it’s a total non-story.

I just noticed there is a huge beans game on tonight.

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Yes, Raiders by 50!

I was looking at the Rams schedule, they have several primetime games coming up. Thursday night football, monday night football. Talk about duds for games. 3 of their last 5 games are 8pm starts

I don’t think she’s poor, or misunderstood.
I think everyone understands that if you bait her, she will jump on the bait with both feet.
I love her loyalty. I’m jealous.


The dude was being a douchebag troll, for sure. Not sure why anyone feels the need to feed the trolls, but whatevs.

Journalism has devolved into “Guess what [semi-famous person] said on Twitter.”


Yea exactly, pretty sad. Write clickbait articles about what other people tweet about. Social media is the worst, really seems to bring out the worst in people, not all of course.

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Trolls feed each other.
They don’t even hate her. They hate her husband for proving them wrong.

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Sleep Time for youngsters…8pm
SEx time w/kelly…8:01pm

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