A little Zach Zinter RG U of M

He would like nice in a Lions uni next year



Good find.

The type of player I’d like to see playing OG for the Lions in 2024.

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Zinter is a guy I really like, one off my favorites for the Lions

Guys I like in Rd 2 or 3
Van Pran
And also
Like Kingsley but he go in the 1st witch would be ok with me. He could be best player were we will be picking.

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Brandon Thorne, who is by most accounts the guys held in the highest regard for OL evals, has Cody Barton as his number 1 OG. He thinks he’s one of those Zack Martin, Skoronski level converts. He has Beebe as his #2 OG and Zach Frazier as his number 1 OC. OT’s if I recall correctly (this is from the z Brugler/Tice podcast) were in order:

Olu, Alt, Latham, Jordan Morgan, Patrick Paul, Troy Fautanu, Tyler Guyton and Kingsley.

I don’t think he’s evaluated Mims bc of the injury. Thorne thinks Morgan and Fautanu may end up being high level guards as opposed to decent tackles. :man_shrugging:

For anyone that wants to listen to the whole thing.


No doubt.

The Lions are going to need to replace both Jackson and Vaitai, so I can definitely see a guard or two being picked up in the draft.

I don’t think the Lions will be able to afford either Jackson or Vaitai once they pay St. Brown, Sewell, and Goff. These are the kinds of players we’re about to lose that need to be replaced with rookie salaries wherever possible. Can’t say I know a ton about him, but Zinter could be a great option!

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One thing Thorne said about Van Prann specifically is that while he likes his ability to uproot defenders he think he struggles at blocking at the second level. I think that would be an issue for us.

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Zinter and Keegan are both very good guards from UM. Definitely the strength of that line, which has won the Joe Moore award the last two years (awarded for the best O-line, Georgia was 2nd both years I think).

I am not an expert evaluator by any means, but I think Zinter is rated a hair better than Keegan. I do know that they are beasts out there on Saturdays!

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Zinter is held in higher regard from what I understand. But OG only and probably more prized for his work in the phone booth than on the move so I’d guess mid to late day. O’Cyrus Torrence went 59 and I think 2024 will be a better draft I’d guess like pick 70 +- 10/15 spots.

But I’d love him for the Lions in the 3rd if we find ourselves needing a plug and play starter. Durable and reliable is a nice combo for sure.

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Which reminds me, where do we sit on Tankathon ?

The UM OL doesn’t seem to be opening the holes for the RBs they did last year. With an OL that is held in such high regard, what accounts for that? Sure the new LT, RT, OC have a lot to do with it, but they were all highly sought after upperclassmen in the transfer portal.

A lack of continuity can certainly be difficult to overcome. Beyond that, I’m not sure of the reason. I do think Zinter is still held in relatively high regard. Personally I’m hoping for a OG prospect that can move out to OT down the road or at least the ability to hold up at RT for a few games if injuries necessitate that.

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Thank you sir

The Center is a stud, OT’s are average at best & probably the weakness of that team

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So a quick story. I used to play Hold ‘Em with a couple of guys on a weekly basis. One of the guys had played in another friendly game that included a clueless poker woman who beat him with offsuit 5 - 2. Her last name was Zinter and she wouldn’t let it go how she beat him with this shitty hand. So from the time he told us this story we always would try to beat each other with offsuit 5 - 2. Whenever it would happen and the cards were flipped we would all yell out “Zinter,” while throwing laminated pictures of this girl onto the table. I never met her.

I always wanted to kidnap her, gag and tie her to a chair and make her watch us play poker. We wouldn’t speak and would have ski masks on of course. Just would have liked to see her confused reaction as we yelled “Zinter” as the laminated pictures flew onto the table.

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I usually find the college team love for your local pro team to be rather painful. And there is nothing better than playing FF with some dude with mad UM love. With all that said. I fully endorse Zinter if nothing else he has potential. That was insane. I am sure he does not look so dominate against guys of similar skill but those are still college players.

Also I think the Lions really need to invest in a guy who can replace Ragnow and also play G. Bring him in and hopefully he can take a G spot and be the C in waiting.

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