A look ahead to next weekend’s opponent

Darnold ate our lunch and took our milk money in his first game as a rookie…


I went to that game

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Was there a bigger SOL game than that game?

Not like a specific play, or drive, but a game that just firehoses the SOL into your soul, especially after seeing Patricia look like a Hippo in the Headlights all game long …


I’m sure the discussion between Quinn and Patricia after the game was all about how our veteran pro bowl talent secondary let him down and we should probably purge all those guys so we can bring in try hard but really slow guys who can’t stay healthy

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Especially after Diggs returned the 1st pass of the game for a TD. It was all down hill after that though, shit.

We owe these JETS!!


Hmmm. The bomb from Rodgers to Rodgers with no time left on the clock and Ziggy Ansah inexplicably standing on the sideline while the Lions rushed three?


How’s the weather look?

Haven’t followed Carolina but I’m guessing our strategy is stop the run and make Darnold beat us.

I did see we are 3.5 point favorites this morning

Early forecast looks like sun, mid 30s and 15mph winds.

Road teams going back to being road kill

Unless things turn around in the closing weeks of the season, the NFL is heading back to a season where the road teams get dominated.

So far this season, road teams are 99-122-2. That’s a .448 winning percentage, and it’s on pace to be the lowest in four years.

Since 2019, the road teams had been gaining on the home teams. In 2019, road teams won 48.2% of the time. In the aberrational 2020 season (with few to no fans across stadia), road teams actually won 50.2% of the games. It was the first time in NFL history road teams won more than home teams. And last year road teams won 48.3% of games.

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At least we got the first TD from an awesome play by a DB who showed he could be a good player here for a long time…

oh… wait… what’s that???

We traded Diggs? For like a 2nd round pick?

What?..… we only got a 5th rounder… AND we gave the Seahawks a 7th rounder in return?

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Someone needs to tell Ted Kozinski that Bob Quinn is secretly developing ai…


As far as the strategy for this game, we need to stop the run again, which we’ve been really good at doing recently.

They’ll run it 40+ times as that’s how they’ve been successful recently.

Their defense isn’t bad, but Burns should be neutralized for the most part by Decker and Ragnow is better than Derrick Brown.

Horn is pretty good from what I’ve seen from afar, so Amon-Ra is going to have to step up again in the slot. I’m not super knowledgeable about their defensive structure so I’ll look into that.

This can be the week where Jamo gets more targets. He’s our answer to what I think they run. We can work him in underneath more because he should be able to get separation against their underneath guys.

I’m obviously optimistic about this one.


It’s probably going to be in the 30’s again this game. Could this possibly help Detroit more than Carolina ??

Carolina definitely isn’t used to playing football in 30 degree weather.

3 out of 5 Carolina wins have been against divisional opponents (teams that suck). The other 2 are Denver (major suckage) and Seattle (on their way to choking a nice start to the season and losers of 4 of their last 5).

Carolina started 1-5 but have played 4-4 since then. Carolina can win their division if they win out (Lions, Bucs, Saints). Darnold hasn’t looked terrible but definitely not inspiring. Lots of short passes.

I expect Detroit’s offense to get back to their 30 point output and hold Carolina to no more than 20.

Carolina has one of the worst offenses in the league. Their defense is middle of the pack despite playing a lot of REALLY bad teams.

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Matt Ryans debut

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