A look at the 2024 Offensive Roster

Just a look at what we have in 2024 and maybe how it will affect our draft this year.

QB. Goff

RB. Montgomery, Bell, Reynolds RFA,
Jefferson EFRA

WR. St. Brown, Jameson, Kennedy RFA,
Benson RFA, Alexander ERFA

TE. Mitchell, Brock RFA, Zylstra RFA

OT. Decker, Sewell, Eze ERFA

OG. Awosika ERFA

C. Ragnow

Priority Level:

QB. Med/High.

The Lions want someone to groom behind Goff and there’s a good chance they will draft one but not necessarily a must if one is not there for their liking.

RB. Low/Med

For this year they they are set with Montgomery and Swift however they might want to pair Montgomery with another back. With running backs needing little time to get acclimated to the N.F.L. they could wait until next year to decide what they want to do.

WR. Med

With St.Brown and Jameson as the only roster level signed for 2024 they could definitely draft one at any point in the draft.

TE. Low/Med

I’m pretty high on Mitchell and Brock and can see them not drafting one at all. If they do draft one maybe they can focus on a blocking TE in the middle to late rounds for an improvement over Matt Nelson.

OL. Very High

I believe they will draft 2 offensive lineman early to mid rounds. I think they will look for a future backup swing OT thats an improvement over Eze and look for a future starting level guard. The offensive line is the key to their success on offense and they will look to keep it humming.

So this is just for the offensive side I may do one on defense also.


Good write up. I agree with your analysis. I can definitely see two picks on the OL this year as well. A future guard and a replacement for Matt Nelson.

Not my thread or to high-jack, but here’s a breakdown of long-term roster:



Special Teams


14 mil dead cap next year from contracts signed

Not bad

Jack Fox is a free agent in 2027… should probably think about adding another 7 or 8 years to that deal. @BigNatty probably supports a life time contract and part ownership of the team.

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Thanks for posting. Easier on the eyes and good for reference.

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