A look back at PFF's Way Too Early 2023 Mock Draft

Pretty interesting read. They actually nailed a couple of landing spots with Nolan Smith to the Eagles, Skoronski to the Titans and Myles Murphy to Cincy. Also had Achane to the Dolphins and Ricks to the Eagles though of course those didn’t happen in the 1st round. And Ricks, along with Andre Carter, went undrafted.

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Achane to Miami was so obvious

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And they nailed Lions 2024 pick


Beebe has graded out exceptionally well at left tackle for the Wildcats, but his tools project better on the interior. The 6-foot-3, 320-pounder earned an 85.4 overall grade and allowed only 10 pressures last season.

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Nobody loves good OG play more than @Jman

Except maybe Sean Payton (Dan Campbell)

One of boy genius Payton’s staples is having good OG play so the QB (non mobile QB) can step up into a clean pocket and deliver

I truely believe this will take Goff next level

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Yeah they may have. Was really disappointed when he went back to school.

Same. He was dominant at LG.

Jonah will provably walk and get paid.
Quin guy. And we will need to resign our DBs hopefully

Creed Humphrey
Orlando Brown

Last two Big12 OL of the Year that won back to back award.

That’s good company to be with !

You have to respect PFF’s ability to put the infinite monkey theorem to practical use.

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For reference, here’s their Way Too Early 2024 Mock. Arizona gets Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr. at 1 & 2!

In the 2024 draft (see above) they have Beebe going one pick after ours, to the Cowboys. I do really like the iDL they took for us though.

I’ll admit , I didn’t notice him at all.

When you watch LSU it’s the Harold Perkins show. That guy has me mesmerized

How good is that kid gonna be.

Him & Mavin Harrison Jr 2025 look like the ultimate can’t miss prospects

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Well he tore his ACL 8 plays into the season so you have to go back a year, but man he’s got everything you want physically out of an iDL. As a true frosh he played 9 games, had 5 tackles for loss and 4 sacks. Those are big numbers for a DT, especially in the SEC. Especially for a freshman. 6’5, 300 pounds, great athlete but with real power in his lower half. Plays with his hair on fire and has already shown savvy with his hand usage. And by draft time he’ll be completely healed.

He’s one of my favorite guys in next year’s draft.

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Hey not to change the subject or hijack your thread but do you know anything about them Florida kids we signed at OL as UDFA?

Between them & Eze I hope we can develop some depth.

Nelson, Skipper, Kayode, Piersbacher, Big V look to be the vet depth guys but need that next wave of youth behind them

They have any promise to them?

I watched a little of Swoboda after he blew up his pro day. It’s about what you’d expect from a 6’9 guy, he really struggles with his leverage. He’s always gonna have to work at not getting too upright. Very few are able to get around him to the outside though, he’s just too big. And he’s really good on the move too, which you’d expect from a guy that athletic. Definitely worth a UDFA punt as an upside ball of clay.

Don’t know anything about Cecil.

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I do know at his pro day Cecil was measured at 6’3, 294 with 31 5/8 inch arms, which isn’t great size. But it looks like he wears most of it in his lower half, which is how you want it to be with OL

Those legs looks like one of them strong men competitions that pull semi trucks

Yeah it’s a good build for sure. If he was a little bigger overall he probably would have been drafted. Will be fun to see he and Rodrigo meeting in the hole with their wrestling backgrounds.

I think we found our new Evan Brown

Except they have us picking in the wrong spot.
28? Get real!
We’re picking 32.

That’s who I thought of too. Probably center only, which is all Brown should have been. He held up admirably but much better at center.

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