A Mock Draft everyone can agree on

#6: Anthony Richardson - I’ve been reading a lot of the forums and it seems like there is still a lot of questions about Goff and whether or not he can lay the pipe. It also seems to be pretty consensus by everyone that Anthony Richardson is a can’t miss prospect. He can easily be our Matt Flynn.

#18: Michael Mayer - Everyone saw how our offense changed after Hockenson left. Do we really want another season of that? 12 TDs by tight ends? We need a new guy who can go on podcasts and pretend to be a George Kittle level TE. I really believe Mayer can be that guy. And we’ve always had really good luck on 1st round tight ends.

#48: Darnell Washington - Look at the roster. We only have one TE under contract, so we really need to bolster that TE room. Combining Washington with Mayer will be like Gronk and Aaron Hernandez, but without all the you know…murder and stuff. Washington instantly becomes our swing tackle and full back. We actually never play him at TE at all.

#55: Jahmyr Gibbs - Jamaal Williams is a free agent (and let’s be honest, he sucks and anyone can do what he did). Plus, when has drafting a skill position (or any position) in the second round ever not worked out for us. No way this guy can’t come in and be the next D’Andre Swift, Kerryon Johnson, Ameer Abdullah, Ryan Broyles, or Titus Young on offense. Easy pick.

#81: Cedric Tillman - We might lose Chark, but even if we resign him for 3 years, we still need to get this guy. Everyone saw how we finished the year after Chark came back…so what if we added ANOTHER WR to make plays alongside ARSB, Chark, Jamo, Reynolds, and Raymond? I think a lot of people are vastly underestimating our D and if we were to spend any picks on that side of the ball, how are we going to make sure that our offense doesn’t slip up?

This is just my first mock draft, so don’t worry if I missed your favorite guy. We still have a lot of time before now and draft day.

One slight change. Make all those defense and it’s perfect :rofl:


I demand more injured guys.

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Beautiful work, bro.

This draft is missing——-3rd qb, punter, and long snapper

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Trolling in mock draft form. Impressive!


If Brad drafted them, I would love it with all my heart and perhaps a few other vital organs…

Best damn draft yet!

I don’t know about that. Vietnam had a great draft. When it comes to first overall picks it’s hard to beat Muhammad Ali.

Wouldn’t give spit for that draft.

I believe the title of this thread is right on the money.

We all agree

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If someone doesn’t agree with this draft - they’re not a fan or don’t watch football! Brad Holmes is likely to do this!

Absolutely perfect!
You should work in Sports Media.

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There are coming for you:

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That makes more sense than Dianne Lee’s mock draft for The Athletic today. I really like it because we trade down with the Jets for #13 and still get Christian Gonzalez. But it ain’t happening…

I got a fever, and the only prescription is more first round Tight ends.

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