A more controversial topic than politics (beer)

Pumpkin ale: is it OK to drink this, or is it better off circling the drain?

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I used to drink them every year, back when I actually explored different styles and changed up what I was drinking for different times of the year. I don’t see an issue with it.

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I’d probably love that shit

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I like em, I usually drink them if I’m at the Knickerbocker


I’m spending most of my time in Alpena these days. Austin Brothers Woody Wheat!
It’s sucks I found them now. I can only have one!

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I haven’t tried this, but it’s for sale on tap at some bars in Orlando. SO funny that such a thing even exists.

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I went here tonight with the wife and had some killer cocktails.


I have only tasted one beer I could tolerate, and still didn’t enjoy it.

Besides, 5%?! I’ve got stuff to do, beer. Hurry up and get me there.

I feel the same way about wine. Don’t like it. I love me some beer, but don’t like the beer gut. Every beer is another 15 minutes on the treadmill.

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Looks awesome!

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Nice but too expensive. I go there rarely.

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Everytime I visit the Keweenaw, I always plan an entire day just to drink at the brewery.

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It’s a great place. We are lucky to have it. The owners are MTU grads that came back after they retired.

Deb and I spent an afternoon there a couple years ago. Getting back to the campsite was…fun.


Where did you camp? Mclain’s?

King Lake! Just the 30+ highway trip was fun. Then six miles down a dirt road with nothing on it except the campground and boat launch, but, had the place to ourselves Sunday-Wednesday, so.
One of my favorite places in Michigan.

Wow Baraga County, that is quite the trip after a few pints.

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I can only do the sweet wines. Which is another way of saying that if you did a blind taste test, I’d take the Boone’s Farm over the $500 a bottle stuff every time.

I’m still trying to reconcile why I like my wine sweet but my beer bitter.

Isn’t that the local brew house in Alpena? I ate and drank there last summer.

P.S. - Visited in June, hate calling it “last summer”.