A poker friend told me the other day i was obsessed with the Lions

He was right. I am. What a time to be alive!

And to make some profits watching this beautiful organization playing football and their brotherhood with all the lockerroom and behind the scenes stuff.
Like i said the story of the city and coach, qb , everything…it is exciting. I can only imagine how you lifelong fans with parents who were fans are really feeling now days…


I watch the fan takeover stadiums videos.
The press conferences.
The injury reports.
The behind the scenes micd up
The detroit show with that Dani Rogers ?
The guy who vlogs going to games easy
Every play of every game

The lions youtube channel of the plays

I could watch the craig reynolds block atleast 10x a day for the rest of the week.

I broke down the bucs game all week and pressed Lions-3 . There is levels to this game of football.

When Oregon met Colorado
When UsC met notre dame
When bucs met Philly and these Lions
Detroit practicing in house all week vs each other is making us better as well i am sure ! #OnePride

Even with the injuries and guys in and out still dominating. Wow

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Addictions come in many form …


I hear what you are saying. I drive quite a bit throughout the week and am constantly on the Audacy app to scroll through different Lion’s stories on 97.1. Then it’s onto the various Lion’s podcasts. Previously, I only had to deal with failure. This newfound success is starting to chew up my life. I think I need help.



Well, this parent is seriously thinking he’s gonna see the Lions in a Super Bowl before he dies!

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