A Real Rebuild?

Think about this:
We get off to a slow start in 2021, say 2-4.
Is this the time to think of trading some players for beans?
I believe Decker can bring a 22 first and a 23 third, if Flowers regains his form, can we snag a 2nd round? Maybe DeShawn gets off to a hot start, can we pull a third at the deadline?
I am not throwing in the towel yet for the 2021 season, but if it gets off to a lackluster start, let the rebuild go into warp speed.
Slide Penie to the LT slot, draft a RT in 22, get the younger D-Tackles some time to prove their worth all while loading up for early round youngsters to start 2022 with.

Decker getting a 1st in return would be a surprise.

Shipping Decker out now would be a huge mistake. If there’s one thing we’re making progress on, it’s the trenches. Let’s not take 2 steps back to take 1 step forward.

I’d be all for getting value for some of our fringe players. In many of their cases the hope would be getting a 7th from a trade partner before simply waiving the player.


I hope they can keep the o-line together. It is going to potentially be the identity of the organization for the next few years if we hold it together.

I daresay we drafted guys you would want in a streetfight this year. I think our trenches are going to be very physical and we are still going to lose with regularity in 2021. This roster needed an infusion of toughness and I hope they got it. I think they did.

All said, it sure feels like a full rebuild and culture change. I don’t see us being a dirty team. Just a very physical one.


Don’t touch the O-Line. That’s a top 5 unit with most guys under contract. (Ragnow will get extended).

I hope they’ve done most of the tearing down so far. It’s one thing to let go everyone you probably should. It’s entirely another to milk as much draft capital as you can out of your roster just to replace those guys anyway.


Sounds like a perfect series of moves for the Lions and will give results that we have grown comfortable with.


I guess I don’t get the point of trading Decker, creating a hole, then using the draft capital to draft another Decker. Why not keep Decker and draft in other areas? It’s hard to build a team if they keep creating holes only to have to fill them.


I think Decker is a piece we keep.

I think flowers’s contract is tough to trade, but he gets cut in offseason as a cap casualty.

Very possible - yes

…with maybe a scoshe of darkness to it (or maybe quite a bit). :wink:

I agree its a empty point sounds like some other fan from another team. I mean we can all at times have stupid ideas, but sometimes i have to wonder if some come from fans or just people who hate NFL an the Lions

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Surely you keep Decker for the medium term and it look to ship him out once it is cost effective to do so and/or his contract needs extending again. Above average left tackle play us not something to be scoffed at and he is very much a leader in the group.

Pay Ragnow as well and then ship Decker when we have to pay Sewell his fifth year option.

This is the Quintrica method. Like get rid of slay and draft Okuda.


Agree that keeping the O-line together is crucial.
Lions haven’t had this type of line since 1991. Most of the guys are young and the longer they stay together the better they become as a unit.
Make it a strength of the team.

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Yep let’s trade away talent for low round draft picks.

Let’s keep tearing down so that in the future we can build it up. But in the future we’re going to decide to tear down again and again and again.

I just want to know when do we start building?

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