A Sign of Progress?

Good catch. Pull out one of the DT’s and put him in there. Roster is getting tighter and tighter and will be harder and harder for rookies to make it on the team at some positions.

Also invites the possibilities of trades as well.


Huh? He’s much better on the outside. He does play inside when needed, but, if he were the answer inside, we wouldn’t be desperate for a DT.
Pascal is DE/Edge.

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I’m not sure if even Bijan would be a starter here in 2023. Key part of the rotation yes but David Montgomery is a very solid, young bet and we still gave Swift. That would be an amazing committee.

I love the DL flex guys we have but we also need a real 3tech DT.

As of now I am rolling the dice on Carter and WR JSN if Carter is gone.

At #18 I am leaning DB or LBer.

I want an interior OL guy and with our second pick I am really liking the kid from TCU who can play C/G.

With our first pick in rd. 2 I am looking at RB, DT and Safety as well as LBer.

Did we cut or trade Pascal to keep a WR you like?

Well they sure have not penciled in a maybe draft pick

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there have been a few different posts on this.
i think the consensus is that carter, jsn, bijan and skoronski would probably start day 1.
well, maybe not consensus, but they have all been mentioned and have a shot.

but to your point - yes - its different, no rookie would be a slam dunk to start, though a few maybe’s.

If Carter passes the no turd test, I’m with you.
If not, I’m split between Skoronski and their top- rated WR, either JSN or Q. Johnston.

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Who said we’re desperate for a DT…the fans?

Look at where Paschal lined up towards the end of the season on passing downs…DT…

Because he was the best inside rusher we had to put next to Mac.
He’s better on the outside. Watch his highlights from Kentucky.

If he stays outside, he’s a rotational player. We have a LOT of DE’s on this roster. Aiden is going to be on the field for the vast majority of snaps. Cominsky, Harris, Okwara, Okwara, Houston all fighting for the other DE snaps. They will be creative on passing downs but on early downs, only Comminsky is capable of playing some DT. Harris/Okwara/Okwara/Houston don’t have the body types for it.

He’s 1b when he gets up to NFL speed.

Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave both went for 1000 yards as rookies in 2022…. and both have said JSN was the best WR at OSU when they played with him.


WCLF good work good post on the breakdown of roster.

Gotta include Cabinda though.

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Do we need to include Cabinda though??? :thinking:

He played 104 offensive snaps in 2022… out of 1142.

He had 9 total yards of offense… and had at least as many drops as touches.

Nice story… great guy… but I don’t see how he makes this roster.

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IMO he was better at run defending from the edge in college. When he was asked to pin his ears back when they moved him inside he was hard to handle a lot of the times. I always reference the Georgia game where they had a hard time containing him. With that being said he did show pass rush chops from the Edge at the end of last season which was really great to see. With a full offseason I’m expecting some significant progress from Paschal.

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As a thirty-year on-off-on-off Cowboys fan I suggest:
Hard No to Jalen Carter

Jerry Jones is a moth-to-flame when it comes to bad character guys and 80% of the time it leads to nothing but regret. Troubled players fail to reach potential for so many reasons, and often drag others on the roster down as well.

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Bijan would start on all 32 teams day one. Over Barkley, over Chubb, over any back.

Montgomery, Swift are a step and a half lower grade.

Wouldn’t pick him at 6, but if Lions traded down on that pick to 16 or so…maybe.

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I do not understand this thought process, at all?
Almost every ranking has him a top 5 talent. All rank him top 10.
Not going to take a RB high in the draft? That’s why we’ve had no run game most of the last 2 decades.
Anderson and Bijan are the closest thing to generational talents this draft offers, and there are no others!

The #1 factor in successful run game is the maulers up front. Look at the Giants. Did Saquon bring them success? He’s averaged 4.5 yards per carry in his career–ten backs have done better than that per carry. And the Giants offense has totally sucked. Barkley’s talent has not brought significant value.

And let’s keep it real – even the worst passing offense gains more yards a play than any RB’s running has in the history of the league.

Bijon could be awesome, but you may be confusing talent and value, IMO.

Value = the type of talent at the most important positions which leads to WINNING.

So, it’s cool to take a second round talent QB at #1oa, but, not a #3 ranked RB at #6oa.
We’re going to disagree. That’s okay. Everyone has the right to their own opinion.
A lot of people wouldn’t take the best OG at #6, either. Tackle, yes. Guard, no. Tackle/Guard that will start as a Guard. No!
Makes my head spin.

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