A story about Chris Spielman got me thinking

Marcellus Wiley was on Dan Patrick today and said CS would leave smelling salts lodged up both nostrils before games, and walk around the whole day like that. He kept such an intense demeanor that nobody talked to him before or after games, and tried their best to stay out of his way. One time, he threw his shoulder against a lockerroom wall to get it back into place, then went back onto the field for more.

I know a lot of people want him as a coach somewhere, but his commitment to his family (especially his daughters) may prevent that.

Either way? I want that freaking guy in our building, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks during training camp. His intensity, his stories, and his passion would have no choice but to rub off on certain guys, and those are the guys that can possibly transcend where they are now.

Thoughts? Maybe just want to wax nostalgic with your favorite Spielman moment?

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Heard that this morning as well, Wiley was going down a list of craziest players. I think Rodney Harrison playing past the echo of the whistle and John Henderson getting slapped across the face hard multiple times also made the list. These types of players, while I admire everything about how they played the game, would never make it in the league today. It’s a business league and if they come in with expectations of guys willing to run through walls for them, well that’s just not today’s NFL. You have to change with the game or you’ll be phased out. Coaches like Andy Reid have adapted where as coaches like Rex Ryan have been dismissed.


There are guys you run through a wall for and guys you check it at the door for. When will we get a coach you run through a wall for?
Spielman is one of those guys, another guy like him is Sledge.

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If you don’t think guys still don’t ask for slaps before games or something similar, you’re crazy.

People in much lesser professional positions do.

As far as the other stuff? Yeah, you’ve got me there. It’s a different game. Just like almost every other sport/high profile job, the superstars aren’t staying up doing blow and closing bars. It’s video games that coaches and front offices worry about.

(No, seriously. Video games are a huge problem for rookies and players alike, so much so that it’s stunting at least a few careers.)

PS: This doesnt count using stimulants as gametime drugs. Ask Pete Carroll and half of the Seahwaks roster about that, along with a TON of the NHL. It’s just not as much recreational as much as it is gametime advantages.)

Edit/PPS: Bring Back The 80’s

Sounds kinky

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You have no idea. :japanese_goblin:

I remember hearing a story where Spielman put a line on the locker room and said if anyone not on defense crossed it he would kick their asses.

Hanson stood up and walked across it and Spielman said he was ok. Eventually the rest of the team crossed it except for Scott Mitchell who continued to sit by his locker with his head down until everyone left

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Chris Spielman has coached a team in the past, the players hated him and the team finished 2-14 and he quit after 1 season… no thanks will pass on that mess. His son is facing felony charges for hazing a player by taping his hands and legs and leaving him. Craziness must run in the blood

It’s not craziness per say, it’s old school and that’s exactly what Chris is. These players now-a-days can’t handle him, which is why he should never coach.

Love him as a Lion. Hate him as an annnouncer.