A tale of two cities (er, Slays)

From Lions PFF:

“Big Play” Darius Slay certainly lived up to his nickname with a game-sealing INT in Week 2

4th Quarter:
91.5 Coverage Grade (3rd-highest in career)
1/3 11 Yards 1 INT 5.6 Passer Rating Allowed

Quarters 1-3:
27.7 Coverage Grade (Lowest of career)
5/8 70 Yards 90.6 PR Allowed

He was having a pretty bad day up until that last play, no doubt about that. The Eagles might be short handed at WR next week though, so maybe BPS catches a break.

Some of that was due to a super weak pass rush by the Lions. Sometimes you have to give credit to a great WR and an accurate QB.

it was nice to see Slay bounce back with a key turnover in crunch time.


I thought a couple of the holding calls were pretty ticky tacky, but Allen was putting on a clinic too.
In the end though, Sly saved the day!

When going up against a WR of that talent, he gonna get his. Slay also got his and had the last word, I will call it job better done by Slay

I don’t think it was “super weak pass rush.” I think that was by design. Patricia wants the defense to take away lanes to the receivers and RB’s and provide some QB pressure as well. but I don’t think he wants the defense only focused on sacking the QB. and leaving other places left less covered or unattended.

Call the S!ay/Allen day as a wash. Both made great plays at key moments. Damn entertaining!

Except for one thing: Slay’s wife slept with a winner last night; Allen’s can’t say the same.