A WR I wouldn't mind if we signed

I watch many KC games an he can be a threat.

Not saying he is a stud but if we signed him on the cheap I wouldn’t mind.

With WR in draft the number he shouldn’t be costly.

Demarcus Robinson 6’ 3" / 202 lbs WR…

I’m surprised they haven’t cut Sammy’m Watkins, they’re tight against the cap and heads save them $14 million

Especially when there are options in FA and the draft too.

As for the Lions I doubt we sign a WR predraft. But if we did a guy like Robby Anderson would be my target.

However I’m a little shocked the Lions didn’t target Phillip Dorsett.

I think we are really happy with our top 4 WR…for this season. So the 2-3 additional players we add to the WR/ST rooms this year will be from the draft or UDFA. They will push for the Fulghams and maybe even the Agnews roster spots if they can be a KR/PR threat too.

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No thanks. He makes Ebron look reliable.

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He might fit the opening we have next year with Jones likely gone. I think with this loaded draft teams expect to get a WR and the cost will be low. I think this should drive down FA prices as well. He is young and should come fairly cheap. I would definitely back end load the deal so he could be cut if we draft a WR this year who picks up the pro game quickly or just doesn’t fit.
He doesn’t seem like a Bob Quinn guy though, as he missed a year due to ineligibility for grades. Not very bright. he has speed and good height which we could use.


He’s 6’1" ,not 6’ 3"…and has a 10.9% drop rate.

Give me a guy like Josh Gordon. yes he currently is suspended but a 1 year cheap contract could turn out a ok investment and if he dont work out u cut bait with him(majority of his suspensions were weed based and now the new cba is laxed on that now)

Josh Gordon isn’t worth the time anymore.

I’m not sure about this guy but we need WR help more than people think!

Yes we have 3 legit starters, but all are in the last year of their contracts and we have nothing behind them really but maybe Hall? Chances of the three of them staying injury free is unrealistic.

I hope and expect Quin to draft one in the first 3 rounds. It’s a deep class and you can get a good one in rd 3 for sure! Luv Ruggs and Shenault but they will be gone by rd 3…

On a 1 year 1 million dollar deal with 0 guaranteed.

Just a kick the tires type

I would offer a 0 year, 0 million GTFO here deal.

Why? He can’t be suspended for smoking weed anymore

Would rather sign Dez Bryant. He will be back in the league this year. This organization is allergic to tough players, though so Dez wouldn’t be an option. He plays the game like a man, so he wouldn’t be a fit here.

He can’t?

Not under the new CBA

Weed isn’t a banned substance anymore?

They’re only testing for the first 2 weeks in training camp and raising the threshold for positive tests five fold. And, if they do test positive, it’s not a suspension, it’s a fine

Hard pass. I don’t mind having a drama queen diva on the team, but we need a stud slot guy over someone who would take snaps away from Kenny or Marvin. Dez is not better than our top 2 WRs at this point. He’s a borderline roster guy and a depth WR3 at best.

I’d rather take a speedster in the slot. Robby Anderson would be a significant upgrade to DA. Then we would still have Danny for great veteran depth.