Aaron Glenn: James Houston is "close"

I’m gonna shoot my shot: he plays on Sunday.

I do think the below is very revealing. If this was all about following the advice of team doctors, then it puts a bit of a different spin on the situation. It could be that Houston dealt with soreness in the last month, wanted to play through it, and the team held him back.

“I think he’s very close,” Glenn said of Houston. “The thing we want to do is protect that player from himself for the most part.”

“I do NOT take injuries lightly. Especially to make sure we listen to the medical department to make sure we bring that player along exactly how he needs to come along.”

Full story: Aaron Glenn says Lions EDGE James Houston ‘is very close’ to playing


I am loving everything about this

LOL I love how most of use are convinced he will be the difference maker…


One play at the right time can be the difference. He doesn’t need to get 3 sacks to impact the game. Irvin only got one sack with us but that sack ended a drive and helped us win that game.




Ranking the things we look forward to most when AG leaves from least to most:
3. Comp picks
2. Improved defense

  1. No longer hearing “that player” repeated dozens of times about every single player that’s being discussed.
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Right, but if he’s “on”, he’s getting more than 1! My obsession with Houston is bordering on the maniacal at this point. I want him to play so freakin’ bad, I can taste it! Yet, so many are utterly dismissive about the whole thing that it is just mind-boggling. If he’s out there, think about how hungry he’s gonna be! NFC championship game? Gimme a break! He’s a game-changer. It’s the first thing on his resume according to him. You want him out there ravaging purdy, little kneecaps.

BUT, on the other hand, we’ve gotten this far w/out him. So, there is that to ponder…

Seriously though, if he’s playing and nails Purdy, you’re gonna see a lot of QB happy feet dancing all over the place - inviting big mistakes.

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Now that I’ve been able to cognitively move past the gif (eastern european brunettes are my weakness), I’d say this: we need Houston. I think the coaching staff is well aware that we need Houston. And I think, at this point in the season, they’d be 100% fine with a one-trick pony.

Could it be the case that Houston plays and pulls a disappearing act? Yep, totally. And it’d end up being a footnote. But there’s probably few players in the league that have the energy and motivation that he’d bring on Sunday.


Man this could be the 3 sack da problem game to shock the world.

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Absolutely agree. If he plays and flames out, I’ll consider it a lesson learned for myself. If he doesn’t play at all, then I’ll be like WTF?

Personally, I’m going to sleep tonight with this thought…
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Do normal people have any other preference?

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that my SO is 3rd generation immigrant Armenian with dark hair and piercing blue eyes.

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When are game designations made?
Actives and call-ups from PS?

Good question. Last week, they did game designations day-of at 1:30.

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Spot on. I’ve been in the same head space for awhile.

IF they do NOT play him on sunday, he’s going to be unleashed like kryptonite for the SB if we’re fortunate to just play smart football in two days! He’s so close! So maybe they roll with what they got for sunday and just give him the 2 weeks and DA BOOM!

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That is what you want to hear from a coach.
Plus, that means Houston is chomping at the bit. He’s going to tear shit up when they let him off the leash. Kinda like last year.

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This was just posted…


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Woodward Sports has about as much credibility as any of our farts. (Also, “available” doesn’t mean “in”. Proceed with caution!)

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