Aaron Rodgers skips start of mandatory minicamp, without permission

winners do what they want
-Ricky Bobby

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So what’s Rodgers excuse? :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I get why Reddick & Cooper are out. Both want more $$$.

After all the issues Gregory has had, he has no business sitting out anything. The guy is going to be 32 years old in November and hasn’t exactly been an altar boy.

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No doubt the Jets are learning how to adjust and adapt to Aaron’s eccentricities.

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ok, do you think Aaron cares what the NFL or the team will do to ‘him’? I don’t , I think his ego is about the size of The Empire State Building , and what he brings to a team, even in his Golden years as an NFL player-he could care less. He has money, and anything it can , buy , he’s VERY widely known as a starting QB and still playing in it—a team cuts him? He can retire at ease and or go to yet another team to finish off his career. it’s a nothing burger to him.

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No reason to get hurt in a minicamp, if he sits out the pre-season too, he might even last 2 or 3 regular season games if he’s lucky. But on the negative side, he’ll most likely suck in those games.

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