Abdullah waived, Zenner brought back

And a slot receiver, “that nobody will confuse for Tate”, also picked up, per NFLN.

I like Zenner

Zenner runs hard and rarely gift wraps a fumble for the other team.
I was beginning to worry that the weekly AAA (Abdullah’s Anonymous Again) meetings were going to continue for the rest of the year so I’m glad they resolved that. Now I can start drinking heavy again for more important lions related reasons…


The addition of Zenner should not be looked at separately from the removal of Marciano.
More to the point, both moves are an attempt to address the problems on Special Teams.
Which takes you to the cause/effect conversation of whether Marciano simply had too many core Special Teamers taken away over the last year or two. Carey and Zenner in particular.


Good. This is a boost to our special teams. Abdullah sealed his fate with that kickoff fumble. Zenner has experience on ST, and can step in as the #3 back if needed. We will get more bang for that roster spot now.

And now for my ZZ Top pun version-
I hear Zenner had thought about Going Down to Mexico after getting cut. The Lions had told him they didn’t need his Legs anymore. One night he was in his Sleeping Bag when he got the call: It was time for him to Double Back to the D. Quinn said they wouldn’t touch Abdullah with a 10 Foot Pole after his fumble. Zenner was so happy, he Woke Up With Wood the next morning. (He had firewood left over, pervs).
Now our boy Zenner is Waiting For the Bus to bring him back. He’ll say “I Thank You” when he reaches Allen Park. On Monday he’ll be able to say he Just Got Paid, and he can hit up a tailor if he wants to be a Sharp Dressed Man.


ZZ back…I give it a meh…not sure why he sucked enough to not make the team but is back because they need a runner,.

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Gunner, not runner. (Special Teams)


I wonder why they waited an extra week. They should’ve sent a message and cut him immediately.

ZZ is a good special teams pickup. He’s not going to get much time on O.

I hadn’t realized Zenner had Broken his back. He got himself into better shape for sure with the time off.