Aboushi re-signs with Lions

One year deal, details unknown. Depth is nice I guess, but I don’t see this guy as our starter. Run-blocking is not his forte.


I’m a little relieved that he’s back, to be honest. He can back up both the RT and the RG positions. As it is, I see him as our best potential starter at RG.

Roughly a camp body. Could not beat out Wiggins in 2019. Wiggins played about 40% of all Lions offensive snaps in 2019. Pretty high. Dahl was around 73% and Graham was around 80%. Wiggins filled in around those two. But at the end of the year Oday played and ended up playing 13% of all snaps but 100% of all offensive snaps in the last two games of the season.

I see a depth signing but Oday can pass block well:

I like this depth signing as he has starting experience and he may have refined his game even more at this point. He is 29 in June. I would bet he has a better chance at getting cut than making the team.

Jon tells me he only came back because he loves Matt Patricia…


Another body at the RG spot. I am hoping Beau Benzschawel has beefed up and is ready to be the man. He has skills but was too light for NFL standards. Needed some weight in his pants to anchor. He said he learned a lot taking snaps at C but I still see him as a guard. 6’6" just seems too tall for a Center but Ragnow is 6’5" so not much difference really.

Forgot we signed R Bodine so he is probably the back-up center. Could play guard too in a pinch.

Aboushi has played both RT and RG spots in the past, so he’s providing depth at more than one spot. Considering we only have Decker, Big V, Crosby and Skipper, a signing like this was clearly something they would be doing.

Yes, Benzschawel will be a good player but he needs to get stronger

We also signed a #1 rd pick who just never panned out with San Fran

We don’t know if change of team works we can hope he was picked rd 1.
Josh Garnett OG Height: 6-5 Age: 26 Weight: 305 lbs

2016: Rd 1, Pk 28 (SF) Will he workout we don’t know but he sure is worth a try he missed one season injuries an just never got back to what he was or what they thought he was during draft year. If they let him walk during camp its just a 50,000 cap cost well worth looking at a rd 1 pick who is young an plays a position we have a need. when we see Aboushi numbers for year it like is not any great if released . I like bring him back

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Well, the guy has to know by now what he’s gotta do to make it in the NFL. It’s on him to get there for TC.

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Wiggins I think they will resign once they can get him checked out . He had a operation an would need to be looked at. This also is just a body while team takes shape an we select the best we have. Think was Pec tear not certain

It’d be nice if Wiggins was healthy but did NOT make the final roster

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