Active mock draft 7 rd on colts message board

I am picking for the rams and cowboys and have been drafting for lions since guy who signed up for them never showed.

For lions i traded out of rd 1 for a early 2 and a 4th.

You can follow along

For lions i took in rd 2… zack fraizer and kris jenkins

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Heres link to the worksheet to see all
Players and picks so far

That would get my seal of approval. A small trade down and then going OL and DL is the dream for me. Surely Brad can exploit league wide blindness at DBs and WRs in later rounds…

PFF would shower Brad with approval for positional value.

Thank you. Looking at a couple cbs for 3rd rd pick

Is Xavier Worthy still available? That’s a surprise. I have some issues with him as a prospect but at 73? :man_shrugging:

29 to 40 for a 4th rounder?

Would have rather you stayed put and just took Barton IOL

Round 3 Looks like CB Green & Mikey are available

Round 4 Hopefully you can snag WR Rice or an edge like Kamara/Brenn an Jackson

Stayed put and take Mims

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Amazing how they allow trades @Jman cough cough…

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You can run it next year and keep track of trades and all the picks ! No problem


You want me to be GM of the Vikings and run the draft? :joy:

No No No GIF

Although I could approve my trades and not approve others :wink:

I would have taken friazer at 29. So getting the 4th basically for free

I do like how they have the spreadsheet and think that would be very helpful next year

Worthy is gone already

Chiefs at 32. See at now. That formatting takes some getting used to.

Over Barton?

Perhaps not. If i had more time… lions fell into my
Lap as you saw, when their owner was awal

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Send us your picks for other teams

I like GB draft


1.Newton dt
2.Tampa cb


  1. Fautanu ot
  2. Benson rb
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Lions 3rd picks

Max melton cb rutgers at pick 73
Brenden rice wr at pick 100 (pick from trade back in rd 1… i was mistaken it wasnt a 4th… it was last pick in rd 3)