Addition by Subtraction - Vaitai?

This was the defense where Stafford could have been really roughed up to put it mildly. No one would have been surprised if our running game was another failure against that front. Instead, the vaunted Chase Young had 2 tackles, no sacks, no TFL’s and a frustration relieving late hit in the back that likely cost them the game. Interior studs Allen and Payne 3 and 2 tackles respectively, no sacks, no TFL’s. Sweat, 1 tackle, no sacks, no TFL’s. Stafford was sacked ONCE and the Washington defense only had one other TFL.

Yes we finally woke up and realized that we drafted arguably the best RB in the draft and decided he was the better option to give the bulk of the opportunities to than 900 year old Adrian Peterson. (In game 9…) But the running game as a whole just looked much better. I think Vaitai has been a total failure. There have been “some” moments where he’s looked good, but man I think this staff needs to just suck up the fact that we are a better oline with Crosby and Aboushi and bench the expensive FA who sucks. Our defense is going to continue to be a liability. But we aren’t going to face much better defensively as they were also the #1 pass defense. Maybe the staff can actually learn from their success and do more Swift and much less Vaitai. We may have a chance. I know most of us want this staff canned and a playoff run hurts that, but…

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What’s the dead cap to release him?

Too much, we have him until the end of next season, then the cap hit is only $4,200,000. Just another horribly over paid FA. By the end of 2021 there is a shitload of cap space that can be freed up, but next year is cap hell.

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Great. Just great

After the end of 2021 Trey Flowers, Jesse James, Vaitai, Coleman and Stafford can all be cut for huge relief. If they don’t draft a QB next year, then keeping Stafford into 2022 is probable. I don’t hate Matt but look for more injuries and a decline in play that goes with age.

Its just a never ending hamster wheel of backfilling mistakes.

Next season it will be backfilling Davis and Tavai, with a whole lot of “who do we get to have Matt throw the ball to”.

Mayyyybe we even get a pash rusher that is ready to play, an actual pash rusher and not batshit crazy …

Sorta sucks because there are some guys like Hall and R Okwara where we should re-up them before we end up in the Golladay shit sandwich where we have to pay top dollar. I’d put Marvin Jones Jr. in that group too. Maybe even get a head start on Ragnow. If you wait on guys you know are elite like Ragnow try to get them for top 10 money so you don’t have to pay them top 3 money in a couple years. But I don’t think you let BQ do anything right now. Is what it is.

I only hope that the occasional pull the rabbit of out of the hat win from Stafford doesn’t dupe the Fords into keeping Quinntricia. Our best chance to contend with Stafford has likely passed due to horrible drafting and FA moves. Davis, Tabor, and Tavai were all wasted Day 1 picks. They let Glasgow walk and spent more money on a guy who can’t even play his own position competently, let alone multiple other positions. They signed James and made him redundant with Hock. Golladay is likely gone because they waited too long to give him a new deal. The splash FA signing who doesn’t suck, Flowers, is still badly overpaid.

Ugh. They wasted so much capital for mediocre players who are being poorly coached.

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I think it depends. are the owners football fans? or bottom liners? because of this season, you can’t tell if there’s a fan dropoff so my guess is we’ll have them next year. I don’t see them as football fans that would understand how poorly this staff is prepping the team.

It would bode well for us as fans if the Fords were “bottom liners”. The only way they make more money is if they improve their individual “Brand”. i.e they make the Lions better. According to Forbes, the Lions are 3rd worst in team value ($2.1B), 4th worst in revenue ($411M) and 3rd worst in revenue before taxes, depreciation and interest ($43M). If the Lions were a consistently better football team, all three of those items would improve . . . drastically.

While I agree on Vatai opinion in general, playing devils advocate its clear he’s been hurt w/ a foot injury all year. he tried to play through it to disastrous consequences. I’m not sure we’ve seen a healthy version of him. Perhaps a bit of patience. Aboushi aslo took some stupid penalties.

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Could be, but it’s a bottom line business and the bottom line is that the interior pocket was actually there this game and against Allen and Payne. Vaitai was signed to be the RT. For a 5th round 3rd round player to beat him out is telling IMHO. When Dahl is healthy, I think our best lineup does not include Vaitai at all.

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