Advice on Ford Field tickets?

I’m going to try to get to my second Lions game ever this year - probably either the Seahawks the day after my birthday, or the Falcons the week after. Can anyone offer advice on the best way to get tickets (TM, seatgeek, stubhub, etc etc), or where you would target two seats (300 section mid field, endzone, etc.??) What are the best value seats? I wouldn’t say money is no object, I can spend a little more for good seats, but want to keep it under say $180/ticket. I know all these places give you views of where the tickets are, but it seems like you never know until you get there. It looks like ticketmaster has very few options but seat geek and others many more options. Are there any seats or websites to avoid?

My first FF game was the Harbaugh/Schwartz handshake game! Have seen the Lions in NJ many times though! Thanks for any advice at all!

Drive to the stadium and purchase them if possible if you have a reason to be in that area. That’ll save on the processing fees.

Also, if you go 300 get front rows of that section.
If you go lower level like 10 yard line get farther back like row 30-40. And the seats closer to the aisle of the 15 yard line.

Best bang for your buck
Good view at that angle as well

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Quick story. Game a few years back myself and a buddy bought tickets for us and my parents (well my dad but mom liked tagging along). We get their and notice 50 yard line front row, totally empty.

So me and my buddy went down and sure enough sat front row 50 yard line. But the time ticket owners got there we had already re-joined the parents.

It was in that incident I learned that I could hit the lottery tomorrow and I’d still never sit front row at an NFL game. Why anyone spends that money I have no idea.

Between the 20s about 30-40 rows up is where to be. GREAT view of the ENTIRE field, and you’re inward enough where you can easily see either of the big screens without straining your neck.

I have employed this strategy ever since.

And @Jman you’re also right on uppers. Been to a few pre-season well. First row is a must like you said. I actually prefer the corner section on this one. Front row, great view of entire field, and you basically have 100’ screen in your direct eye-line.


Yes sir ^. And it makes easy out if your gotta go to the toilet or concession stand.

Usually 10 yard line is a bit cheaper than the 20-30 yard lines…so best value would be the 10yard line in his instance. But I agree 25 yard line row 35 cant’ beat it

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And aisle seat. Don’t forget aisle seat @JerseyJungle . #1 quick access to the stuff Jman mentioned. #2 Beer vendors. The one’s that just walk around. So nice being on the aisle seat for that so you don’t have to trouble anyone else.

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thanks guys, this is helpful. So I was just looking at seats in section 338, row 3 for $182 apiece. But on StubHub, it doesn’t tell you WHERE in row 3 (Agree that the aisle would be best). I can’t get to the ticket office before then. Are all re-sellers like this - you only know the row but not the seat number?

You can see the seats on Ticketmaster. For the Falcons, I just spotted two aisle seats, row 7, section 334 for $179 a piece. You may want to choose others. Just saying you can see the seats on ticketmaster. Hope it helps.

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Welp. I’m 0-2 at FF. Crapola.
Where to eat after the game?

Advice, sell em high while you can…

Advice on Ford Field tickets?

SELL !!!


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