Advice Requested on Corrupting my Boys

I have watched plenty of my friends lose their boys to soccer, or synchronized crocheting and other sundry influences. I would like to share the agony and self loathing that comes with being a Lions fan with my boys, ages 10 and 5, through my urinary golden years.

I dream of being able to bring them a spare tv I have tucked away, like a hero marching through the door, after they destroy their own after watching the game. I want to be able to talk draft with them, aka the Lions Super Bowl.

Some of you have achieved these glorious, stomach churning memories with your own children, and some of you have failed. How can I help get them on the wrong road in life? Thanks in advance :relaxed:

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I can help you. I just need your location.



Focus on talking up the good players on the team. That way even when losing they are still cheering on their favorite players and get exited when they make a good play.

I swear Barry turned me into a die hard Lions fan. Without Barry I don’t know if I ever become a fan.


I taught my son’s to fish.
Now, they’re teaching their friends, and I get to try to figure out what the hell they’re talking about, but, the point is, it’s a useful addiction.

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Sounds like a blast!! Almost as as good as synchronized swimming.

Pool Swimming GIF by Foo Fighters


It’s great, isn’t it? I taught my son about hunting and fishing, also. I showed him how to field dress a partridge by standing on its wings and pulling on it’s legs. Pulls the breast right off. His buddy saw him. All his buddy could say was, ‘WHOA. That is COOL. Where’d you learn THAT’? ‘My old man’, says he.
I could suddenly breath in a little deeper and some pollen or something got blown into my eye. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Show em Barry videos.

Show em Sun God blocking

Show em Hutch doing Hutch things.

Then buy them off


Let them come hang out with my 9 year old daughter. She’s a huge Lions fan. She will set them straight.

Join the kids club and take them to practices and games. That will get them hooked.

Teach them the fight song. My daughter could sing it at age 4.


Serious reply here. Why make your kids suffer just because you do? If you want your kids to actually have a future where they enjoy their Sundays, pick a real Organization and get them into that instead. My kids are 7 and 2. The 2 year old is too young right now but the 7 year old is a Mahomes and Chiefs fan. He actually gets to have fun every Sunday and already makes fun of me for following the Lions. When the two year old is bigger I’ll make him a Chiefs fan as well. At least they should have a good ten years of enjoyment while Mahomes is there. This way they can bond with each other and always have that. It’s completely selfish to make them Lions fans. Like you said, it’s only to share in your misery, lol. We couldn’t escape! It’s up to us to provide a better life for our kids. My 2 cents.

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Poor girl!! lol

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