After the Draft

The Lions have a lot of holes to fill after the first 3 rounds. Although I do not agree with their 2nd and 3rd round choices, thet did select good players. I question doubling up on DT when you have so many holes and lots of good players available at all positions. That being said we can only hope that in the remaining rounds the Lions get a LB and WR. The Lions last pick is 153 so they will have an early day. This should give them a head start and plenty of time to line UDFA’s. I know we will not know which players go undrafted until Mr. Irrelevant is picked, but there should be some solid players remaining. Below are a few of my targets, who else should the Lions target as UDFA?

Chris Evans RB UofM
Tyler Vaugns WR USC
Tarik Black WR Texas
Josh Ball OT Marshall
Paddy Fisher LB NW (this would be a flyer but may be worth a look)
Paris Ford S Pitt (not sure why PFF has him rated so low)

If Lions don’t trade to add anymore picks, they can lie to a couple of the best UDFA’s and say “Man, we would have surly taken you if we had a 6th rounder, we almost took you with our 5th…”.

With the aforementioned holes, I think that is more for post draft veteran cuts to fill. Guys will see a lot of playing time in Detroit and wanting to earn a contract past this year and stay in the league and choose to come to the Lions rather than a situation with less playing time potentially.

I wonder if they cut Bryant bc there is a UDFA TE they like and want to present a lane to making the roster. It could also be that they really like Alize Mack who DC has personally worked with DC before and is a good athlete.