After watching the Chiefs upset the 49ers, does this change how you feel about what the Lions need to win a Super Bowl?

Mahomes is a dog. He makes things happen. Mobility is a huge advantage.

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Mahomes is a special talent. But I’m not jumping on trying to get a mobile QB. Besides Mahomes what other mobile QB has won a Super Bowl?

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We need corners more than anything.

With the money on the line Spags sends pressure and depends on his secondary to hold up and they do.

That Niners CB that was looking back at his Safety like “I thought you had him” on the winning TD would have been Sutton or Vildor. So we need better CBs and Chris Jones.

I’m not a betting man, but I was sure the 49’ers would win. I believe they are the better team, and I like how they’re built. Nothing changes my mind. I love how the Lions are built, and how they’re continuing to build. They can beat anyone, and could have went all the way. The question I think is about the QB position. Mahomes gets all the credit, and he deserves it, but we all know how many times great QB’s haven’t won, or haven’t won enough, and how average QB’s did. Purdy is solid. You need a great team from top to bottom. GM, HC, Coordinators, players, and culture. As much as I criticize Goff, I do think he’s solid, and this team can win with him. It’s like, should they have traded their two 1st round picks for CJ Stroud? IMO, no. I’d rather have Gibbs, JC, and LaPorta.

The Lions had the game won, only to fall apart when they realized what they were about to do. The moment became too big and the mistakes started snow balling. They’ll be more ready next time.